Have you bought Valentine’s Gifts for those on a cancer journey yet?
  • Cancer PREVENTION - What you need to know about screenings
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  • Valentine’s Day for Cancer Patients (and their families)
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When and How to Screen to PREVENT Cancer (or catch it early!)
Do you know when to get screened?  This is for EVERYONE!  CLICK HERE for the American Cancer Society’s LIST of Cancer Screenings by Age.   Cancer cases are on the rise for people in their 30’s and 40’s according to research by Harvard University scientists as CNN recently reported.
Here’s a selection of screenings you may not know about:
Starting at age 25 and through age 65, all people with a cervix should have a primary HPV test* every 5 years. 
All people at average risk should start testing at age 45. There are several testing options.
If you're younger than 45, find out if you are at higher than average risk for colon cancer because of family history, genetic disorders, or other factors. 
Starting at age 50, all men at average risk should talk with a health care provider
Because you need to be the CEO of your body, please share this with your friends and family.  Thanks to those of you who specifically asked for this!!!!
Get rid of this Sunscreen !  
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Valentine's Day is a good time to let your friend or family member on a cancer journey know you are thinking about them.  Sometimes, a card or a package in the mail, no matter how small it is, can make the day of someone going through a difficult time.  A small gesture or gift for their kids, parents or partner will also brighten their day.  Cancer effects the whole family!  
My Cancer Family's Valentine's list is filled with love for the whole family.  Any of these items would be a welcome surprise or you could put together your own gift bag!
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Beauty at home:
Chemical Free Nail Polish and Home Manicure Set - Your very own home salon! 
Face Mask - Give yourself or your friend or partner a clean-green facial at home!
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Cancer-Free with Food - Liana Werner-Gray's bestselling book. Liana is a certified nutritionist, natural food chef and best-selling author.  More with Liana next week!
Cacao Tumeric 2 of the best ingredients together for those on a cancer journey!
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For the home and the entire family:
Non-Toxic Candles - Candles with natural wax and other non-toxic properties are best!
Non-Toxic Scented Stix Dispenser - a nice look and clean and safe for anyone on a journey!
Organic Pillow - Put your head down or feet up on a pillow with the highest environmental standards!
Non-Toxic Yoga Mat - even if you can’t do much, relax and stretch when you can and enjoy it as a family!
Non-Toxic Sidwalk Chalk for Kids - a family activity for days when every one is feeling their best and you don't have to leave your home!
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Stay Positive,  
Denise & the My Cancer Family family
Cancer Sucks.  F*** Cancer. We Hate Cancer. We know this already.  We can’t change that for you. We CAN change your journey. We WILL make it easier and better.We are YOUR Cancer Family.