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Hogwarts Legacy
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Hogwarts Legacy, a newly released video game set in the world of Harry Potter, is facing criticism for its depiction of goblins, which many view as an antisemitic representation of Jews. The game puts players in the midst of the Goblin Rebellions, a fictional series of revolts by goblins against discrimination and prejudice, and allows the player to help or harm the rebellion. However, the goblins are portrayed as villains, and squashing their rebellion is depicted as the right thing to do. The trailer for the game, which features the goblin villain discussing the abduction of a child, has added to these concerns as some view it as a reference to blood libel, the antisemitic canard which falsely accused Jews of kidnapping children and using their blood for rituals.

Wizard game 
Harry Potter
play Hogwarts Legacy

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  • “Wizard game,” ‘Harry Potter,” “play Hogwarts Legacy,” “video game,” “year 1612” - See above.
  • “Ilhan Omar,” “Foreign Affairs Committee” - Related to discussion of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) being removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee over previous antisemitic comments.
  • “Holocaust denier” - Related to the reactions online of Omar being removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee. Many pointed out examples of Republican members of Congress' interactions with Holocaust deniers. 
  • “Joe Rogan” - See below.
  • “Putin Apologist” - Related to Polly Samson, lyricist for Pink Floyd, calling out Roger Waters, co-founder of Pink Floyd, as antisemitic.
  • “New Swastika” - See below. 
  • “Jeremy Corbyn,” “Labour Party,” - Related to discussion of the perceived lack of antisemitism in the UK’s Labour Party.
  • “#Israel,” “#FreePalestine,” “Apartheid state” - Related to the discussion of Israel-Palestine.
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Joe Rogan
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Joe Rogan, a popular podcaster, defended Rep. Ilhan Omar's controversial remark "It's all about the Benjamins, baby" on his podcast, claiming it was not antisemitic. “The idea that Jewish people aren’t into money is ridiculous,” Rogan said. “That’s like saying Italians aren’t into pizza.” His comments reinforced a centuries-old antisemitic trope of Jewish greed that has been used to justify countless atrocities against Jews. Rogan’s podcast reaches an estimated 11 million listeners per episode and numerous people were shocked to see Rogan using his massive platform to casually promote antisemitism. Others viewed Rogan’s argument as just a statement about money and didn’t see the problematic connotations behind it. 

Joe Rogan
Money is ridiculous
Dangerous antisemitic tropes

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New Swastika
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This week several Republican members of Congress have been spotted wearing a controversial pin in the shape of a miniature AR-15 rifle to demonstrate their commitment to the Second Amendment. Gun control advocates have quickly denounced the new pin, with some dubbing it the "new swastika". Later in the week, the phrase became popular again due to a tweet that called a colorful wheel pin worn by Canadian MP Adam Van Koeverden the "new swastika." The tweet claims that the badge symbolizes membership in a secret organization planning to control the world under the New World Order conspiracy theory. However, the United Nations designed the colorful pin to raise awareness about its Sustainable Development Goals Framework.  

Pin is the new swastika
AR-15 pin
New Swastika

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