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You're a musician +
As a musician “and”, you wear all kinds of hats. You're a musician and: a teacher, event planner, fundraiser, administrator, designer, mentor,  colleague, writer, publicist, treasurer, and … lots more. To bring your ideas to life, by necessity you learn a myriad of skills. To create a well-rounded career you also do the x's, y's, and z's that makes it possible. 
With that, today we have an idea, a resource and a practice for you.
The idea: Our education system has not caught up with all the opportunities a musician has in today's world
Coming out of conservatory or music school, you haven't been taught a fraction of the skills you need to create a viable career. The second you graduate with that diploma in hand, you're wondering, okay now what?  In case this is news to you, yes, being a musician truly is a business pursuit. The technical skills you have on your instrument is a start, but it isn't enough. Have you asked yourself lately what you need to have, to do, or to join in order to create the musical life you want? 
The resource: Tools and Resources for The Business-Minded Musician 
Some days you'll spend more time on the art and some days you'll spend it all on "business". Even if you don't have a business per se, any idea needs the right tools to come alive! Here are our favorite resources for those days you're business-ing!  If you're building your presence online, click the links to fonts, color pickers, logo designers and website platforms. If you need to put in place some management systems, check out these recommended tools to get organized!
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The practice: Take a YOU inventory
As you know well if you've been following us for a while, you learn best by doing. We live it, preach it and teach it. So, your practice for this week is to take stock of your experience, skills and deep interests. Your list of skills is abundant. What makes you different from everyone else?  Can you succinctly tell the world who you are with your distinct combination of skills, experience, and personality? 
Wishing you a great week living the 360 of you 😉 
Tiffany, Ixi and Ted 

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Try this now!
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A practice planner made to help you get remarkable results. Let's GO!
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