Welcome to the last week of January. Say what?
This month:
1. Leaning into your 'business seasons'
2. Founder Spotlight Preview
3. Time-saving tools that keep me productive
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1. Leaning into your ‘business seasons’
I write this as I sip my coffee and smoothie before my day of client calls and data-focused work.
I start each day with a dose of exercise and sunshine to recharge and unwind before a busy day. Despite the cold weather, I've kept up my routine and have come to appreciate the transition that seasons bring. After living in SF's perpetual autumn for almost a decade, it feels good to be more in tune with seasons and nature.
This winter, I'm making an effort to slow down, focus on self-care, read, and write more. Finding time to slow down now is crucial for me.
When work is busy, we crave time to relax, but when things slow down, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. The quick transition from go go go to having space to think can be a challenging one – but I encourage you to use it as a vehicle for growth. 
I say this as a few of my clients saw a bit of a slowdown in early January and had a moment of panic. These cycles are natural and healthy. When we fight against the natural cycles, we risk burnout and stagnation. Instead, recognize the trends & patterns so you can plan for the slowdown – and hey – maybe even plan a vacation around it :)
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3. Time-saving tools that keep me productive
Here is my shortlist of workflow platforms and tools I use daily. They minimize my need for subcontractors or assistants and increase my ability to connect with clients seamlessly, efficiently, and effectively. I'm always eager to check out a new one, so I thought I'd pass my current roster along! 
  • Workflow tool for project management, client management, etc.
  • I use it as a shared workspace with clients and a personal notebook.
  • A blank canvas you can adapt and design for your needs.
  • Video messaging tool that eliminates meetings and lengthy emails.
  • Record your voice & screen to efficiently share feedback or ideas.
  • Productive and efficient email platform for inbox zero people.
  • Highly recommend it for those overwhelmed by their inbox (everyone?) They've got me hooked – I’ll never go back.
Flodesk – Free 30-day trial available.
  • Email marketing platform for non-designers with beautiful templates.
  • It is also what I use to create and send these newsletters!
Typeform – Free version available.
  • Visually appealing tool for surveys, quizzes, and more. Great for capturing data and information needed from prospects + clients.
Feel free to get in touch and happy 2023.