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Things have been intentionally quiet over here at Truli Wetsuits.  A bit delayed in responding to sizing requests and zero social media posts.  After a pretty intense 2022, I've had a lot on my mind.  
I started writing out my 2022 milestones and then it turned into a snapshot of the entire journey from when I first googled “How to make a wetsuit” in 2013 to today.  I'd love to share my Truli Wetsuits 2013 - 2023 Milestones blog with you as there is so much that happened that I'm not sure you know about.
But when you do take a look, make sure to scroll down to the end for this little tidbit of pretty important news…
“2023 - Announce that I am not re-stocking wetsuits. Invitation to the community to take-over Truli Wetsuits and make it their own. Slowly sell-off inventory with a plan to have everything settled by Fall 2024.”
It's taken me a really long time to make this announcement because I wanted to be clear in my messaging (also it's been pretty emotional, to say the least).
While I am (eventually) stepping aside from Truli, there is opportunity for you to step in.  And do so in a way that I couldn't.  You wouldn't be starting from scratch and it's time that your ideas and leadership are at the forefront. The systemic challenges I've faced still remain, but we are in a much better position to adapt and keep making progress.  I've made a Call to all Women's Wetsuit Visionaries and invite you to take the lead in creating an inclusive water activity industry by diving into the Truli Wetsuits world and making it your own.  Are you curious? Let me know what you think!
As things are, I plan to have all remaining inventory sold by Fall 2024 and if there are no takers to keep the Truli flame going, then that will be the end for Truli.  Sigh.  I've done a lot of acceptance on this and I am okay if this ends up the case.  
Here are a couple deals I have going on and bear in mind that while I continue to work on Truli, I am also starting to explore what's next in my own life.  That means I may be slower to reply as time goes on (but will always get back to you!).
Let me know your thoughts and Thank-you always for your support.  
Yours Truli,

Mia Toose
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