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Vlogcast with Daniel Giamario
Saturn's Ingress Into Pisces
Beginner's Corner 
with Mary Kern
Social Media Update 
 TOTAMS Community Forum Now Active! 
Lunar Standstill Seminars
with Daniel Giamario and Gemini Brett
February Group Mentoring
with Daniel Giamario 
April 2023 All School Gathering 
Special Guest Gemini Brett
Vlogcast with Daniel Giamario 
Saturn's Ingress Into Pisces
"An Inquiry into Saturn's entry into Pisces on March 7: 
What is the Intent?"
For this month's video blog, Daniel is joined by Mary Kern to dive deeply into this ingress.Topics include a look at the previous Saturn in Pisces times back to 1817, the TOTAMS view of Saturn and the Pisces Mystery School, and suggested strategies for a concious navigation of such an important time frame within the larger context of this 
Great Turning of The Ages.  
Beginner's Corner
with Mary Kern
 Join Mary Kern 
as she embarks on an intuitive journey through the 12 Mystery Schools (also known as Archetypes or Zodiac Signs) from the perspective of the Turning of The Ages Astrological Paradigm. This video is an excerpt from the December 2022 Beginner's Circle Call. TOTAMS Beginner's Circle Calls are being facilitated by Mary Kern and Sheridan Semple and are happening once every quarter as one of the many perks and benefits offered exclusively to members of our school. Check out our membership options here:
You can ask questions by commenting on the post on our website:
and/or join our NEW secure and private Community Forum for free:
Social Media Update
TOTAMS Community Forum Now Active! 
In a welcome move away from mainstream social media platforms and to support our aspiration to locate and cultivate “Seed People” who embody the past wisdom of global humanity, an open-minded awareness of the challenges of the present times, and with the willingness to help create a new world, or as C.G.Jung said: 
“To Dream the Myth Onward", 
we have created the 
The Community Forum is hosted on our own website and is a private, safe and secure space for building strong community, learning and sharing with like-hearted individuals including the TOTAMS Team, faculty and certified astrologers. And should you decide to become or already are a TOTAMS Member, you will, as part of the plethora of amazing membership benefits, get access to an even more exclusive group just for members. 
If you already have a log in on our website, you have been automatically added to the community and should see it appear at the bottom of your member/student dashboard.
The launch of our own Community Forum calls for some changes to our social media presence: Please click the button below to follow our official Facebook page. Should you find you follow our secondary Facebook page, please switch now as this will be closed shortly! Our previous Facebook groups will also be discontinued as they are being replaced by the Community Forum - which you are encouraged to join now! 
Finally, if you were or still are a member of the long-running former SAMS Facebook Group, you may find that the group's name has been changed to “Alchemy and Astrology”. Please know that “Alchemy and Astrology” has no affiliation with the Turning of The Ages Mystery School, and any content posted to said group is not connected with or endorsed by TOTAMS.
In addition to Facebook
you can find us on You Tube, Instagram and LinkedIn.
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Lunar Standstill Seminars 
with Daniel Giamario and Gemini Brett
The Free Preview which was aired live on February 15 
is now available on our website. 
In the next seminar of the series, Daniel and Gemini Brett explore the sites in Northern Scotland as well as the Kilmartin Valley. Brett will share with us a deep understanding of the astronomy of extreme Lunar Altitude and speculate on why it was so revered by the ancients and how we can align again today. 
Topics covered will be:
The Extreme Lunar Altitude of the Out of Bounds Moon 
the 58-59 North Terrestrial Latitude where the Moon “walks on the land”.
Prepare to have you mind, heart, 
and astrology greatly expanded.
Discounts are available for Basic and Premium Members.  
February Group Mentoring 
with Daniel Giamario
"Looking at Saturn and Pisces"
In anticipation of Saturn's ingress into Pisces on March 7, this group mentoring will focus on
Saturn and Pisces, particularly their relationship with each other. All complexes and aspects natally, as well as transits involving Saturn and Pisces are on the table for interpretation. The greater purpose is to discerrn the intent of Saturn in relationship with Pisces. Any other Piscean complexes and aspects can also be considered, as well as Saturn in general. 
$20, free for Premium Members, Basic Members get 50% off!
Monthly Group Mentoring sessions are live Q&A's, hosted by Daniel Giamario on Zoom. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and can share chart data in order to receive direct feedback from the founder and other group participants. Group Mentoring always takes place on or near the First Quarter Moon. The main purpose is to provide an opportunity to enhance participant's understanding and skills in various aspects of chart analysis. Each monthly offering will have a different focus, often suggested by participants.
Find the full archive of previously recorded Group Mentoring sessions by visiting the
April 2023 All School Gathering 
Special Guest Gemini Brett 
We are super excited to inch closer to our flagship 
and delighted to introduce you to one of our special guests, 
Gemini Brett is a shamanic starry-teller 
who has developed a wizardly understanding of celestial mechanics, and being a brilliant teacher, is wonderful to have as a special guest at our All School Gathering! 
During our 6 days together, Brett will experientially teach about the MC - Midheaven, facilitate learning about the living Night Sky together with Daniel Giamario and others, offer a presentation about Whole Signs, the Ascendant and the Directional Zodiac, as well as contribute to our epic musical jam.
And that's just one of the incredible teachers. presenters and Seed People 
you will meet and be able to personally interact with at the event, 
all cradled in the welcoming embrace of the historic 
Feel free to contact Shiva@turningoftheages.com 
with any questions about the event, booking options, dietary requirements etc.  
Looking ahead … 
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