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So, I live in Idaho now?  I know, it's weird to me, too. So long Florida!
Moving, while ALWAYS an adventure, has proven to be much more of a challenge than we could have ever expected. And we expected a LOT.  Cross-country moves are so damn complicated! Downsizing on top of that has given us many opportunities to grow.  And of course, to let go.  Both physically and emotionally. 
The past two months have made me realize in a very real way how important your physical house is.  How it represents you, but how it's also a part of your life in ways I had lost track of.  It's another family member, with all the quirks of your funny uncle but also the warm embrace of your Gam.  Packing up the house and enjoying our final weeks there crystallized why I've made it my life's work to help others with the home's that are like family members to them.
The day I arrived here (I came out first while Bri is working out his contract in Orlando till April), 16 inches of snow arrived with me.  The next day's high temp was NEGATIVE 27.  I mean, I grew up in Eastern Montana, so I've dealt with cold and snow, but this is some next level stuff. 
Speaking of stuff… we don't have any!  Because now we have to wait for all these snow drifts and the ice underneath them to melt down enough for trucks to safely unload!  So, unfortunately, it's meant pausing client work until my office equipment and sample library arrives, which is not what I had wanted to do.  But life (and unusually crazy snowfall) happens.  And it's opened up space for writing (new blog posts!  new PDF downloads!  maybe a DIY store!) and frankly, for slowing down a bit.  Because that is one of the prime reasons we decided to shift to rural life, to simply slow down. And it's an immense privilege to be able to do that, and I'm filled with gratitude for this opportunity. 
So if you need me, I'll be staring out a frosted over window, wondering when it'll be above freezing again, pulling another shot of espresso (because you KNOW I shipped that machine UPS and not with the moving company), hoping none of the things we decided to keep got damaged in the move, and gathering up all the…
small moments of joy
  • Going through every single card, letter, invite, kid drawing and announcement from 25 years of living together as we packed.  If you've ever sent us anything, know that I kept it, and I'm glad I did. And thank you.
  • Sorting through our pre-iPhone printed photographs.  And deciding to make a marked effort going forward to take more pictures of faces, and less of places. To stop taking a pic of the dinner plate, and take one of who you're having dinner WITH. And taking a damn picture EVERY time the family is together!
  • Taking 14 FULL carloads of donations to Goodwill (we were on a first name basis with the crew there by the end of it), and that was AFTER selling most of the big stuff; every load was an enormous weight lifted. Downsizing has been the right choice for us.
  • Getting some one-on-one time with my Dad (we're starting at his place), and having my Mom, my sister and her family less than 5 miles away.
  • Honestly, I know I complained about it up top, but I'm really enjoying the snow, and I promise to remember that next year and all the years after, too.
  • Relatedly, this hat is really great.  And so warm!
  • For ultimate winter coziness, I have been LOVING the WildGrain bread box delivery.
  • Starting the planning stages for a real summer vegetable garden.
  • I'm absolutely into The Rest Deck by The Nap Ministry
  • These yellow trimmed windows.
  • I'm so happy that one of my final FL contributions was electing Maxwell Frost as my Congressman (GEN Z is incredible, and I'm so hopeful about what they're bringing)
  • 2023 Reading Bingo
  • Seth and Lizzo Go Day Drinking is an instant mood lifter
  • The Onion absolutely KILLING IT as usual (sad and infuriating tho I did LOL)
  • Let's Go Girls by Mary Oliver's Drunk Cousin
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