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SIMPLY Email #16:
[From Laura] I struggle relaxing, taking time off, putting my feet up, unless my “list” is done. But that list is never done.
Self-care is a tricky thing for me - and it’s something I literally teach. Honestly, I think that is why I am a great teacher of self-care - I get why it’s hard!
AND, I also know just how important time off to fill up is.
If I just take Sunday afternoon off, I am very aware of how much more creative I am for work on Monday.
I teach to do something daily, weekly and monthly for self-care:
  • A little something every day
  • A little something more once a week
  • An entire day once a month
(Yeah, that last one is hard for me, too. But I’m getting better!) 
This email is all about how to plan a fun retreat day for you!
(And… if it feels selfish… listen to this podcast:  Why Self-Care Can Be Hard - and 5 Ways to Make it Feel Less Selfish!)

So how do you plan a retreat day? 
Here are some ideas:
Tip #1: Find Your Date
Check your calendar and pick a date! (And while your calendar is open, find dates for the next 2 months!)
Tip #2: Decide How To Fill It
This day is meant specifically to FILL YOU up! So it’s not about dilly dallying, wasting time, decluttering, finishing your to do list. It’s for activities that help you FEEL GOOD.
I also like to choose things that fill up the parts of me that need extra attention:
  • Feeling depleted? Maybe you want to do baths or a nap or sit on the couch and watch a movie.
  • Feeling like you need to move? How about a hike or an exercise class?
  • Stressful week? How about going to a museum to fill up with creativity or a Yoga class to unwind.
  • Feeling under-stimulated? How about taking a class on a topic you want to learn more about or reading a book or watching a documentary.
  • Need connection? Plan a day with friends. Go out to eat or wine tasting or to a new coffee bar.
  • Need alone time? Maybe don’t leave the house at all and spend the day in your pjs!
I definitely recommend taking a bit of time to plan out your day to make it fit YOU and what YOU NEED as much as you can.

Tip #3: Get Your Supplies
What do you need? Meal kits? Pampering tools? Reservation? Tickets?
Do you need to invite friends?
Get it all ready so when your day comes, it’s effortless!

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cheers to your special day, friend
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