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Happy Monday First name / friend!
Last week we talked about how you’re a musician +! 
We gave you some resources to start thinking about the business-minded you, and today we’re going to expand on that and give you some things to think about this week that cover many elements of who you are! 
Below are 4 ideas for you to use this week. Ready?! 
Lately, we’ve been talking about crossing the bridge much more frequently from practice to performance! And, redefining the idea that you have to have a whole movement or “thing” ready to “perform”. Heck no! You can perform a few bars - and going through the cycle of practicing and then performing FREQUENTLY and with intention is MAGIC PEOPLE! More about it here.
Summer is coming. What are you doing to expand your opportunities!? You don’t have to go to a big festival to build a skill or learn something new! Is there a project you want to start? An internship you could do? What are the things you can do this summer that are festival+? ;)
The best morning routine is … having a planning it the night before routine! Before you go to sleep, write down what your day looks like and a couple of things on your “must do” list. Getting this activation energy going by packing your lunch the night before, writing down a plan for the AM, getting the coffee mug out… it helps immensely in the morning. 
The health of our bodies and connectedness to our breath can make or break our practice, performance and health. This week, is it possible to take a few deep breaths and check in before you embark on a practice session, performance or any other event, big or small? This can take as little as a few seconds (the box breath is a great option) but prioritizing it can make a big difference. We’re talking about Body & Breath in our next challenge - be on the lookout for details!
Yes… we're all musicians+! 
For us personally, we move throughout our days morphing from teacher to performer to marketers to social media gurus to friends and siblings and parents… all of us are incredibly multidimensional. 
Some days, yes, it's a lot to shift between so many facets of who we are. BUT - embracing this fact, and letting the sum of the parts of you add up to make a stronger musician and human? We like that approach. It’s nourishing, it’s effective, and it’s efficient. 
Have a great week, First name / friend +. ;) 
Tiffany, Ixi & Ted 

We had so much fun together in Cincinnati last week!! 
Also, throwing axes is harder than it looks. 😂 
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Try this now!
Another breathing exercise!
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A practice planner made to help you get remarkable results. Let's GO!
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