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FAQ about our store closing!
As you might know by now we will be closing the Bobbinhood shop to make space for some a really cool new Bobbinhood project. Since I announced our big News, I received so many amazing emails and DM’s. Thank you so much for your support! I also received loooots of questions ;) About our materials, the screen print cafe, the online course and much more. I thought it would be helpful to answer them all in this newsletter. Ready? Let’s go!
When is the last day we can order?
You can order until the 28th of February. After that we will close the online shop.
Why is the store closing?
For a couple of years now, I have had this dream of opening a screen print cafe, where you can upgrade clothing. Last year I worked on an elaborate plan and received a fund by the city of Rotterdam. I was beyond excited but also a bit worried as I couldn’t imagine juggling both projects, the shop and the screen printing Café at the same time. . Bobbinhood as it is now, is already a fulltime Job.
I also clearly felt I needed ‘stillness’ to be able to begin this new, exciting chapter. To be able to do this, I have decided to close the shop and stop selling our amazing products. A bitter sweet decision, but a necessary one.
What is the shelf time of your inks?
Very long! At least a year but I use inks that are older than 3 years. Just make sure you store them at room temperature. You can also put tape around the lid if you won’t be using them for a while. If they are a bit thick after a couple of years, simply add some water and they are good to go. Hurray for water based inks!
Is someone else going to sell the Bobbinhood products?
No. I have considered all kinds of options. But at the moment I can't find a way to make it happen. The production of our kit is very local, very personal with a variety of steps. I have always put quality and sustainability first. This also means, I have not taken the easy route. But I do know my products have always made me proud and you all very happy ;)
Where to get Bobbinhood products after 28th of February?
Right now it looks like our products simply won’t be available after the 28th of February.
Are there any other products we can use?
We are working on an elaborate guide on what products you can use. I am not sure yet when that guide will be available. After our shop is closed, I want some time to focus on cuddling and surfing. You might call it a sabbatical (wohooooooo!).
What about my online course? Or ebook? Will they still be available?
Yes, if you bought it already you will keep your acces. Good News, they will both be available for purchase after the 28th of February!
Will you still be coaching other creative entrepreneurs?
Yessss! I don’t have space for 1-1 coaching the next year, all spots are already taken. But I will run a group coaching program again on ‘how to write your bussinessplan’ (and create your dreamjob) in spring 2023 (we are thinking April).
Will you keep your insta?
Yessss! But the next couple of months I will post less regularly. I plan to remove the app from my phone for a bit and enjoy my sabbatical.
Will you keep your blog?
I have to look into it. I want to, but I have to figure out if it is financially doable to keep the website as it is.
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Where will the Screen Print cafe be?
In Rotterdam in our lovely studio, the space is perfect!
How will the screen print cafe work?
In the screen print cafe you can select a second hand clothing item, print it with your favorite print while having a drink and a bite. It will work a bit  like a tattoo parlor.. You pick your fave design from the big book and print it on your garment ;)That’s the quick version of a description, but there is more to it. The screen print cafe ticks a lot of my ‘creative entrepreneur boxes’. It is quite a plan that holds a lot of Bobbinhood’s values, let me elaborate:
Turning waste into sustainable (and cherished!) items:
The (fast) fashion industry is the second most polluting industry and still driven by under payed labour, child labor and slavery. It is not an Industry, I want to be part of. 80% of the clothing we consume here in Europe will end up on a landfill in a far away country. Most of these clothes are perfectly good but don’t have anywhere to go. They are not fun enough to end up in vintage stores or be worn again somewhere else in the world and they are not suitable for recycling.We want to select perfectly good basics and save them from the landfill. In our screen printing café you can give them value again and cherish them forever.
Collaborating with artists:
Ooooh how I love collaborating! We have had so many amazing collaborations with artists over the last years. For the screen print café, we want to work together with local artists, both known and unknown.
Empowering young women:
We will offer training for young women to become a screen print pro and creative guide in our café. These young women can use some inspiration and a cool job in their life. We will work together with youth work to make this happen.
When will Bobbinhoods screen print café open?
We will open end of 2023. We will let you know when we are ready to welcome you through instagram and this newsletter.
Will you sell screen print materials in the cafe?
Of course I have been considering that, but I truly don’t know yet. We are planning to open the cafe end of 2023. Our first priority is to open the café. When we are up and running and we have done a few seasons we might sell screen printing goods from the café again.
When will you ship my order?
We were overwhelmed (in the best way ;)) by the amount of orders! We have been working really hard on getting all the inks and screen ready but count on a 2 week delay. You will receive a track and trace code when we ship your order.I think this covers all your questions.If you have any more Questions, please let us know.Thank you all so much for the amazing, supporting messages and aaaalllll the orders. I am so thankful for this amazing Bobbinhood adventure and y’all made it happen! 
Barbara & team
aka Bobbinhood
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