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— Things are Different —
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 Dear friend, 
Things are different this week. I just got back from Houston and was thrown head first into the rhythms of home - cleaning, cooking, homeschooling, while also preparing for our first launch of the Every Woman a Theologian SHOP in 2023 and… the launch of my book by the same name.
So many of you have preordered the book and can I say - thank you? You have helped us get the word out more than anyone! This book is the heartbeat of our ministry. It bears our name. It sums up everything we want women to know and will equip them to go out and be teachers of friends and children, disciples, and witnesses to their world. This, after all, is what I am after!
This week is wild and if I am honest, I get nervous and tired just thinking about it. My friend Pricelis reminded me to release this process to the Lord and that is what I have been doing: laying it in His hands each morning, each moment I start to try to take control. Book launches are notoriously stressful, but as the wise Sara Hagerty has modeled for me and said - they don't have to be. Just write it for the Lord and let the Lord do what He will.
So here at the Every Woman a Theologian team, that's what we are doing. We are sending some lovely things into the world this week and I pray they are things that bless you, invite you to create your own rhythms of home and holiness, and strengthen you to be a witness to this dying, needy world.
There are people who need Christ around you. My goal is to help you feel ready to share Him whenever God leads you to do so. My intent is for you to be so sold out to Jesus, so full of His Spirit and His Word, you can't help but be a light… His love spills out of you naturally, lighting the way home.
For the Awakening,
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What to Expect This Week

Instagram Interviews - Every Day!
We have some amazing people coming on to talk about the different theologies discussed in the book and in our spring shop launch! Two have already happened, don't miss the rest!
  • Dr. Joel Muddamalle on Why We Need Theology (2/20) Theology
  • Kristie Anyabwhile on How to Study the Bible (2/21) Bibliology
  • Pastor Ryan Coatney on Creation, Corruption, and Imago Dei (2/22) Cosmology
  • David Bennett on Christ as King to the Christian (2/24 or 2/25) Christology
  • Josh Nadeau on How Are We Then Saved? (2/24) Soteriology
  • Matt Jacobson on Can I Really Say No to Sin? (2/25) Pneumatology
  • Amy Gannett on A Hopeful View of the End Times (2/27) Eschatology
  • Phylicia Masonheimer on Living Your Theology (2/28) Orthopraxy
Thursday, 2/23: The Spring Collection Drops!
  • Be sure to pay attention to your email because things sell out fast! This collection will be available until it sells out. All our remaining older stock is listed as well! Only the email list gets a VIP coupon code!
Tuesday 2/28: BOOK LAUNCH DAY!
  • Until 2/28 Every Woman a Theologian is only available for preorder! Preorders are SO important, so THANK YOU for helping us by preordering! 
  • Christianbook is offering a price on the hardcover edition of Every Woman a Theologian that is $7 less than Amazon and includes a free ebook devotional! This offer ends by the 28th! 
Giveaways on Facebook and Instagram!
- In celebration of the big event, watch for giveaways on our Instagram accounts!
How to Read Every Woman a Theologian

Wondering how to use this theology book? Here are some ideas! This book is accessible while also establishing a theological foundation. Prepare to think hard but grow deep!
  • Use it for personal growth. Read it after your bible study time!
  • Study it with a friend and discuss.
  • Lead the 8-week study at your church! (only $13.99 on Christianbook!)
  • Use the chapters as a jumping off point for deeper study into that “ology”!
  • Read slow, take notes, and teach the content to someone else!
  • Listen to the Audible version on your commute! (EWAT is #1 in multiple Audible new release sections on Amazon!!!)
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What Else is Coming to the Shop?

February 23rd the spring launch begins! The theme for this shop is “rhythms of home and holy” - the sacred beauty of a life lived for God in the small places. Here's a little of what you'll see:
  • the Bible in a Year collection: I absolutely love our new line of bible study materials, including a basket, highlighters, a bag for pens and sticky notes, and a larger ethical bag for holding small books, pocket bibles and bookmarks!
  • Four new Quick Theology books: Pictured above, we have four new editions to add to our collection - Five Christian Creeds, Does God Forgive Sexual Sin?, Bible Study Basics and How to Hear God's Voice.
  • Verity Home spring items, including a wood scrub brush (for worshipping through the work of dishes), a LIVE snake plant, pot, and potting soil, lovely reusable “paper towels”, and more.
  • Sela Designs gold ear cuff for a subtle and ethical style.
There is more I haven't mentioned, so be sure to shop when it all launches Feb. 23rd! When these items sell out, we do not restock unless there is significant demand (except for books).
Home Life During Launch

  • Home life during launches can be very stressful since Josh and I don't have childcare. It's all hands on deck for the entire week, usually with Josh working full days in the warehouse to start packing shipments, so I am working on marketing, the launch, and admin updates with the team while also trying to parent, homeschool and make meals. While it IS a lot, it's our season right now and launch weeks are fairly short (7-10 days of hard work) so we buckle up, lean heavily on my home routines, and do our best!
  • Homeschooling is light during launch weeks. We focus on the essentials and the girls largely entertain themselves outside of that. We use movies related to their studies for that week if necessary!
  • We pray - a lot! I have been praying over our team for a few months now, as well as praying over this launch: that the book would reach as many as possible and that God would use it to lead women to be evangelists to their communities. I am praying also for my own strength and emotional fortitude as we start shipping the new collection of Every Woman a Theologian items to ALL our amazing customers while holding down the fort at home!
Thank you so much for shopping with Every Woman a Theologian, and most of all for ordering this book and helping us equip the next generation to be “a city on a hill”.




for the awakening,