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What is Seint Beauty?
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Why cream?
Cream is the holy grail of foundation. They don't settle in fine lines and wrinkles; they are flexible and move with your skin throughout the day; and the natural finish reveals the most youthful glow! You also never have to worry about spills and messes! 
We use very high quality ingredients, but we don't feel comfortable using unregulated terms like “Non Toxic”, "Hypoallergenic", “Non Comedogenic”, “Oil Free”, “All Natural”, “Organic”, “Mineral Free”, etc. 
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What fits in a compact?
The simple answer: EVERYTHING! You can fill your compact with foundation, concealer, contour, bronzer, blush, lip colors, eyeshadow, powder, illuminators, and so much more! 
Lets breakdown the cost!
There are two ways to shop the website (after you've been color matched). You can simply purchase a pre-built collection that matches your skin tone, OR you can build your own compact. We have many different compact sizes and designs to choose from. All the products come in magnetic tins so that you can easily pop them in and out of your compact.
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Understanding IIID Foundation:
Liquid and powder foundations are very one dimensional and require layering of products to achieve a “full face”. With Seint beauty IIID Foundation you can ditch the cakey liquids and powders and use highlight and contour shades in a “paint by number” method of application. This allows for ONE layer of product that enhances your natural features instead of covering them up. This super natural approach to makeup makes you love your unique features for what they are; yours! 
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