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Hope for Haiti has tirelessly worked to improve the lives of Haitians through various initiatives, such as partnering with schools, providing medical care, implementing sustainable agriculture programs, and supporting local entrepreneurs. Our goal is to address poverty's root causes and empower Haitians to create a brighter future for themselves and their families. 
We hope our newsletter informs and inspires you about our work and its impact on those we serve with your support.
Supporting Healthy Births in Rural Haiti
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A group of birth facilitators met with our Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) team and Public Health team in Baradères recently for their monthly training to help them be better equipped to provide medical and emotional support during home births. These facilitators are somewhere between doulas and midwives, as they assist women both physically and psychologically during pregnancy and birth.
Haiti has the highest rates of infant, under-five-year-old-, and maternal mortality in the Western Hemisphere, making training like this immensely important.

A Focus on Cervical & Breast Cancer
Our Healthcare team is constantly refreshing and expanding their knowledge to deliver high-quality care to our beneficiaries. Recently, Hope for Haiti's team of Community Health Workers (CHWs) participated in a training session about cervical cancer screenings and treatments. 
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Plus, Hope for Haiti's Public Health Program Coordinator, Miss Claudine Leus, organized a breast cancer training at our Infirmary St. Etienne last week for nurses from our team, CAPRACARE, and NOVA. Miss Claudine and Dr. Pinet Patric led the training session for 17 nurses. Breast cancer screenings will be a major focus in the coming weeks, as the community recognizes International Women's Day on March 8.
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Food Safety & Financial Literacy
As you likely know by now, our approach to improving the quality of life for the Haitian people is built on a sustainable model. That's why so much of our programming is focused on educating and training community members. This sustainable, repeatable approach can provide years of support, as opposed to a one-time solution. 
Miss Jasmine, a nurse on Hope for Haiti’s WASH team, led a food hygiene training session for school cooks earlier this month. During these monthly training sessions, the cooks learn the principles of food hygiene, including the proper handwashing technique and different methods of water treatment (to ensure the water used in the kitchen is safe to drink).
“Finally,” said Miss Jasmine, “I introduce them to the Haitian food pyramid, so they will be able to choose the right foods in order to prepare balanced meals for the students.”
Plus, our team conducted a VSLA (village savings & loan association) training for community members in Menard this month. These are groups of rural community members who meet with the goal of saving money together, granting loans, and increasing overall financial literacy.

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We’ve just earned our 2023 Platinum Seal with Candid! This seal was awarded in recognition of our organization’s commitment to transparency and responsibility, and we are proud to have been a recipient for several years now. 

It's Almost Time to Hike for Haiti
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Grab your hiking boots (or your walking sneakers) and join us for the fifth annual Hike for Haiti, beginning April 1! Started in 2019, the Hike for Haiti provides an opportunity for the global Hope for Haiti community to come together to hike in solidarity with children and families in Haiti who walk great distances to access healthcare, clean water, and an education. 
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