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It's Friday, which means a Five Dot morning coffee chat.
This week, I found out my card is a finalist for a Louie Award! (Basically the Oscar's for the greeting card world.) The Greeting Card Association had over 1000 submissions this year, and my card was judged against brands all over the country- including Hallmark! It was my first time submitting, so I had no expectation of being recognized. I am THRILLED. The winners will be announced at the trade show I'm attending in April!
I had some fun playing with new styles and colors this week. I love my minimalist black and white cards (like the one above), particularly because the words become such a focus. I'm not sure how the new fonts and styles will work their way into my brand overall, but I'm enjoying the freshness. I added two of the new designs (as well as three new gifts for someone who is grieving) to my website shop this week- you can see both of them below! I would love to hear what you think.
I can feel so much creativity bubbling- this is going to be a fun space in March. ;)
 See you next Friday.

xoxo, jess


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This card is new and special to me! My aunt always tells me she wants to be me when she grows up. I always pass it off because taking compliments without making them a joke is hard! But it really means the world to me every time she says it. Love you, Aunt Boo!

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