How’s your SEO strategy going, First name / Biz Owner?
If you’re new to SEO, at this point you’re probably realizing just how much work it can be! 
Site speed, content, keywords, backlinks… is your head spinning yet?
We promise it gets easier!
And if you start implementing small, sustainable changes to your site’s SEO, you will see results. 
Just remember that SEO typically takes a least three months to start working. And may take even longer while you’re getting the hang of things!
If you’ve come this far, however, and are wondering if it’s even worth doing your own marketing, this email is for you. 
We’re here to lay out the pros and cons of DIY marketing so you can make the best decision for your small business.
  • DIY marketing is cheaper than hiring an agency, especially if your strategy involves SEO or social media, which have no upfront cost.
  • You’re in complete control of your marketing strategy and brand voice.
  • No one knows your business better than you.
  • You’ll learn a lot!
  • There are great tools available that can help streamline your marketing, from social media scheduling to keyword research.
  • It’s time-consuming, especially if you are learning marketing skills on the fly.
  • It can distract you from your core services.
  • Some marketing mistakes are hard to fix, so DIY marketing could cost you more time and money in the long run.
  • Many business owners don’t know how to create an effective marketing strategy, so they don’t see results.
  • You’re too close to your product or service, so you can’t think like a customer.
So is DIY marketing right for you? 
If you’re not sure, schedule a free strategy call to see how Succeeding Small can support your business goals.
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-The Succeeding Small Team