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I really don't have a lot to say, but I'll say this: There's no room for hate in our world. None. Do you see the message scrawled in the bus window above? That's a Miami-Dade County school bus that my son happened to stop behind, yesterday, while at a red light. He immediately sent the picture to our family chat. At first, I didn't understand, didn't see the horrible words, but isn't that the case with hate? Sometimes it's veiled and cryptic, but it's ever-present, prevalent, and festering--in schools, sports arenas, and communities.
It's no coincidence that today, February 25, has been described in the news as a day of hate. Police and rabbis are urging Jewish communities to be “vigilant” as there have been widespread threats of hate and violence. Last night, as we lit our Shabbat candles, we prayed for peace. Not merely for the Jewish communities, but for anyone feeling the effects of bigotry and discrimination. And there are many of us.
I contacted the Anti-Defamation League here in South Florida about yesterday's bus incident. When you file a complaint, they ask how it should be handled, what you expect from your claim. I wrote: I was hesitant to reach out. I'm one person facing thousands, if not millions, in our country who hate Jews. But I can't stand back and do nothing. It takes ONE single person to make a change. I asked that they notify the bus driver about the graffiti on their bus--to make them aware. I also asked that they find out the school district or the specific school the bus services (though it would be hard to pinpoint on a public vehicle), but perhaps those schools need to be educated on antisemitism. 
I'm waking up today with a sick feeling in my gut, but also a fair amount of hope that this country isn't as divided as it appears. Hate isn't innate. It's learned. Ask yourself, do you perpetuate prejudice? Have you done everything you can to stop the spread? 
This Shabbat, I'm sending love and light to you and your family in the hopes that we make our world a better place for our children and grandchildren. You have the power! And please consider joining me in-person (or Zoom for the JWF event) in supporting the Jewish Women's Foundation and the Miami Beach JCC in our upcoming events. 
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