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Happy International Women's Day!
This month is a time to celebrate the important role that women have played in world history.

Meet Our Providers  | 01
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Michelle Myer RN, MSN, FNP, PMHNP-BC
We are honored to introduce to you Michelle who is a dually board-certified Psychiatric NP and a Family NP! She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise! Michelle is transitioning to Holistic Wellness Solutions from her practice Unified Health and Wellness. She has a comprehensive understanding of not only mental health conditions, but also physical ailments. She has a very strong belief in the connection between mental and physical health and wellness. She provides comprehensive, empathetic care to all her patients, and she spends the time necessary to do that. She specializes in adult behavioral health and offers diagnosis and treatment of behavioral health conditions through medication management. She is committed to being understanding, inclusive, and accepting. We are excited to embark on a practice merging journey with Michelle, a brilliant business owner and nurse practitioner!

“Hero on a Mission” by Donald Miller
Since spring is right around the corner (hopefully), I have chosen a book for this month that exemplifies transformation and renewal. Author Donald Miller is a master storyteller-and brings this gift to readers in the new edition of  Hero on a Mission: A Path to a Meaningful Life. Miller asserts that all of us are living a story. Some of us live stories that are filled with meaning and fulfillment, and others feel as though someone else is in charge of the plot, storyline and the ending-and they aren't doing a very good job. Miller points out four types of characters we play in our story and how to identify when we are playing the victim, the villain, the guide or the hero. When we see ourselves in a different role, we can change the trajectory of our plot and create a deep sense of meaning in our daily life. The book comes with a "Hero on a Mission" daily planner and guide to a simple life plan to help get you started. In other words, there are no excuses! Happy reading and happy writing!

ghost hunting with ghosts of ohio | 03
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James A. Willis - Ghosts of Ohio
Meet James E. Willis, author of many books on ghosts in Ohio and founder of The Ghosts of Ohio! We interviewed James, also known as Weird Willis, at this home and he shared some fascinating paranormal stories. He is certainly an expert on ghost-related subjects and has over 40 years of experience investigating the paranormal. He sometimes jokes that his job involves him being part researcher, part investigator, and part counselor. Many of his clients over the years come to him incredibly distressed over the fact that there might be something “unexplained” happening in their home—a place that is supposed to be safe. He says that, “Reality TV shows, with their warped perception of what a ghost is (and can do) certainly hasn’t done anything to lessen the stress.”  
Check out his books and listen to the interview when you get a chance!

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Catherine Herrera - Golden Goddess Essentials
Catherine, the owner of Golden Goddess Essentials, joined Alicja for a podcast episode about witchcraft and personal growth! Born and raised in Fellsmere, Florida, Catherine Herrera uses her Native American and Mexican heritage as an influence within her life and healing gifts. As a young child, Catherine always felt the presence of the spiritual realm, and later in life she fine tuned her abilities to be able to help others heal, communicate and seek the guidance of the divine. Catherine's formal healing journey began as a Licensed Practical Nurse, and a healthcare career that spanned 14 years before she sought a more holistic way to heal mind, body and soul. She opened Golden Goddess Essentials in February of 2021 in Sebastian, Florida, as a Holistic Wellness Center and a way to give space to those who are looking for answers within themselves. The shop sells various metaphysical tools. Catherine teaches a wide variety of classes/events including Finding Your Spirit Guide, Magical Ritual Classes, Animal Medicine, Tarot Talk, various meditations and monthly New Moon Goddess Gatherings. She is a Shaman, Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive and Certified Life Coach. Specializes in Shamanic Healing, Energy Alignments and Chakra Balancing, Womb Healing, Shadow work and Crystal Healing Therapy. She can be reached via, where you can book a reading or session with her and shop online. Here is her instagram as well.

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