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Hey First name / friend,
Wow this month has been busy! Between workshops, my birthday, a holiday in India and half term in India it has been quite eventful.
In late January we had the first of our Masterclasses, which was fantastic experience. This week we have just completed the Koji Masterclass too which was a phenomenal success. I cover not just the fermented vegetables and condiments but also drinks: milk kefir and wild sodas. We had an exceptional group and I am very much looking forward to our new dates on the 26th of March and another special Forage and Ferment Masterclass on the 22nd of April.
When I got home and was sat quietly reflecting on the morning I could really feel like my gut area was full of energy, similar to the feeling my whole body gets after my tai chi class.
— masterclass student.
However, the highlight of the last month for me was a much needed holiday to a favourite place of mine, Goa. This was the first time I went since the pandemic. We have been going there as a family for the last 12 years and we have so many ties with the place that it felt like true homecoming.It felt just right going back to so many places I cherish dearly. Of course, I have been to many a meal my old haunts in the company of some of my favourite people. The sun, palm trees and beaches helped a bit as you can imagine.However, I also had the opportunity to explore a whole new aspect side of North Goa that has changed these last few years. I went for extraordinary meals at new places that seem to be cropping up in Assagao – fine dining experiences, on par to big cities like London and Bombay. One of my highlights was the food and cocktails at Fig and Maple Goa, where chef Radhika Kandelwhal puts her commitment to the Chef’s Manifesto and its core of making a fair and sustainable menu to very good use, on an enchanting setting. It is not just me that was impressed, Conde Nast agrees too. Read their article here.
This unique dining experience was shared with two fellow international fermenters, Payal Shah of Kobo Fermentary, and Eleni Michel who is now based in India. We had a great few days exploring local food and markets and generally talking microbes and life. This became the final ingredient to a perfect holiday experience…
For the last 12 years we have been spending
family winters in
What a place for a 
Get Pickled adventure!
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Now I am back home and ready to get on with spring, there are some exciting workshops and a whole new website! Have you had a chance to check it yet? You will find all information of the courses and what I have been up to not to mention some gorgeous recipes too. From now on, I am also scaling back on markets but you can still find me at the Frome Independent Market first Sunday of the month starting now in March. I am also trialing out a exciting package free service at The Frome Farmer's Market every second Saturday of the month, come and say hi – try our new seasonal exclusive market offerings too! In between markets you will find me out foraging and gardening as the weather gets better. As always, I will be also liaising with my local growers to access the best local ingredients I can for my seasonal ferments! Now that you know where to find my  - online and IRL come and say hi.

Leg of lamb with fermented lemons and harissa paste

As I came back from my solo holiday in India, I was in full nourishing mode. I purchased a leg of lamb from my neighbours in the farmer market, Beech Ridge Farm. Their lamb is some of the best I know, you don’t need to do much to become the most delectable roast there is.
I took inspiration in one of my favourite cuisines, Moroccan, by using preserved lemons and harissa paste that complement this joint type of meat so well. The combination cuts through the richness of the lamb to create a truly majestic roast. Some people get a bit mystified about how to use preserved lemons, for me it is a versatile condiment that adds pizzazz from meats to vegetarian dishes, even to desserts. Not to mention we are in the best season to make some of your own and even have been teaching it in my recent workshops… 
If you have never heard about harissa paste, it is a smoked chilli and spices paste commonly used in North African food. You can easily find them in supermarkets nowadays. One of my favourite brands is the Rose Harissa Paste from Belazu. On this occasion however I was able to use a home fermented one that I have been gifted to me by a cousin. To be honest it is not a difficult ferment make yourself and I am intending to explore it in my next hot sauces workshops.
1 leg of lamb, bone in
½ preserved lemon
3 garlic cloves
1 large onion 
Preheat the oven at 150
Slice the garlic cloves and preserved lemons into slivers.  Prepare the lamb by making cuts into the skin with a pairing knife. You are looking into making little pockets that will be filled with a combination of the garlic and lemons slivers. You want to distribute them around the surface so the flavour can leach in slowly during the cooking into the meat.
After the lamb is prepared, mix the harissa with a bit of olive oil and spread all over the joint evenly. 
Line a casserole dish with your sliced onion and sprig of rosemary. Place the join on top of it. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Add the stock and wine, cover and slice up the onions roughly to make a bed. Put in the oven for 3-4 hours until the meet falls off the bone. Check on the meat half-way through to make sure there still liquid, if it is running just add some more stock or even a cup of water will do.
I usually serve it off the bone, on a serving plate. I strain the juices through a sieve and serve on top or on the side.
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