NOV 2023

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So, I have this small potted rose I got a few months before we left Florida. It never did anything there; I barely kept it watered. But, once I got it here (after B drove it cross-country), it's absolutely flourishing. Except it sometimes isn't…drying up and dropping all its leaves if it's too cold, turning brown when the sun is too intense, drooping between waterings. But it always comes back with a  bit of care, growing a lush set of new leaves.
It hasn't bloomed yet, but it's working on it.
And it feels like that has been a metaphor for our lives since we arrived in Idaho. Wilting, then resting and caring, then flourishing, just a little bit stronger every time. We're not blooming yet, but we're working on it.
Downsizing and leaving FL was the right move for us. But life has been both much harder and, at the same time, way easier than ever before. Outside these walls, the globe is filled with horrors; closer to home, seemingly insurmountable challenges continue to pile up.
I wish I had sage words of wisdom for you.  Like everyone right now, I'm still struggling to figure this all out. Know you're not alone. And that the small moments of life matter. We might wilt a bit, but we care for each other, ask for help when we need it, and start to grow leaves again.
So, if you need me, I'll be making sure we're all fed and watered (including that rose), relishing these last few days of above 40deg temps, and gathering up all the…
small moments of joy
  • Seasons.  Actual, Real, Seasons that you can't miss. You can enjoy extremes when you know that this too shall pass.
  • Relatedly, VERY LITTLE HUMIDITY and temps below 90 all Summer long…but, with a light dusting of snow on both the first day of Summer and the first day of Autumn.
  • An overly successful, if quite delayed, garden harvest in my Dad's way too big garden.
  • Planning for next year's much more manageable garden. I already ordered the seeds.
  • The decadent luxury of just picked berries warmed by the sun. IN THE BACKYARD
  • Moving into an office with my Sister (And her dogs.)
  • The sheer amount of energy I've felt after changing what I eat.
  • Not feeling trapped in a peninsula anymore, and being able to take short weekend road trips out of state. The Museum of the Rockies was a huge hit.
  • Cattle drives that go right past the house.
  • HOT SPRINGS at night
  • Re-learning how to cook and bake above 5000ft elevation
  • This miracle balm that is truly that.
  • I've deeply reduced my social media usage, (see also: "I'd rather be influenced") but I have been enjoying the combo of utter ridiculousness and thoughtful conversation on BlueSky
  • Very Cozy Shetland Ponies
  • All of Hilton's Plant Rants, but especially this one
  • Popular Home's “Ideas Galore!”…. from 1946
  • A Crowd-sourced Gentle TV list
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