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And just like that, the second quarter of 2023 is here! 
As the flowers start to bloom and the weather warms up, April marks a time of renewal and hope. The season’s changing. 
I’ve entered into a spring cleaning of sorts, and have been guided on some of that journey by the incredibly brilliant Octavia Raheem. (Shout out to Tania for the recommendation!) In her most recent work Pause, Rest, Be, Octavia, speaks directly to the unrelenting fast-pace and hurriedness that so many of us have been feeling so far this year. I hope this spring offers you a moment, even just one, to slow down. 
In a coaching session early last month, someone shared how buried they felt, and how they “don't have time to take time.” This has been the resounding theme in most of my sessions this year. In this particular session, we talked about micro-actions and trying on small, bite-sized opportunities to practice what it would feel like to TAKE time. This client started with just 15 minutes. She set a timer and went for a walk, left her office, sat in her car, or listened to music. 
While I hope that we are all able to find AMPLE time to pause, rest and be, I’m wishing you at least 15 minutes. Today. This week. This month. …to think about this new season and how you want to show up in it… as a leader… as an organization:
What new beginnings or fresh starts do you envision 
for your team or organization this spring?
I wish you longer days, more sunshine, and lots of flowers this spring.
Thanks for continuing to be in community with me, supporting LD, and reading these emails. 
You are appreciated! :-)
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Wishing you a bit more liberation everyday!

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