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It's Friday, which means a Five Dot morning coffee chat.
(I promise I also hang out with humans on occasion)
My pop-up shop was rained out (the weather has been wild here lately!), but I had a friend from NY comes to visit and we had the best weekend. We had our auras photographed (including Thor's lol), went to the beach, ate great food, and spent a lot of time watching tv shows to escape the rain (The Peripheral and The Last of Us- if you're looking for something new!). It was the perfect weekend to shake out the February cobwebs, and get me excited for the fresh month.
Things that I'm looking forward to in March: releasing new Mother's Day cards, taking a trip back to NYC for the first time since my move, the arrival of warmer weather, and starting to move my body again. After Tommy passed, I really haven't focused any energy on my physical body's strength or well-being. I threw my back out yesterday, and I feel like I'm too young for that to be happening- time to start feeling strong and good again! See you in the gym. *cries*
 See you next Friday.

xoxo, jess


review of the week!

story behind the card
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I designed this card shortly after the one year anniversary of Tommy and I going to Paris in August 2021. I realized that there is no single date that is hard for someone in grief. You expect birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. to be the hardest, but sometimes it's Facebook reminding you about a trip you took the year before. This card covers the big and the small dates that might be hard, and let's your loved ones know they are on your heart. <3

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The Pharmacy at Wellington, Little Rock
Scrub Identity, Fishers

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