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Brock's newsletter  |  MARCH 3, 2023
You Can't Time the Market, but Here's Exactly What's Coming.
Real estate is cyclical. Up, flat, down, flat, up, flat, down. Here's an overview of the cycle, and from that, we can predict what's next for us.
We just left a RISING MARKET. Here are the characteristics of a rising market 📈:
  • Longest market phase, lasting up to 10 years
  • Momentum is gradual at first (2010-2020), explosive 💣 at the end (2020-2022)
  • New, less-experienced investors, sellers, buyers and agents enter the market (i.e. everyone becomes a house flipper)
  • Real estate feels risk-free
We will soon move into a BUYER'S MARKET, meaning, there are more homes for sale than buyers in the market 📉:
  • This is the second longest phase, lasting up to 7 years
  • We've been here before (1980-1984,1989-1996, 2005-2012, 2023-?)
  • Sellers reducing prices too late ("chasing the market down")
  • Buyer mood shifts to “maybe I don't need a house”
  • Only the best priced houses that check all the boxes are selling
  • Power of negotiation shifts to buyer
  • Who you work with matters
Until next Friday,
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