Happy International Women's Day!
Reflecting on the inspiring women who have significantly contributed to my life, I am struck by the many lessons they have taught me, knowingly and unknowingly.
I have learned from them to embrace life's setbacks as an integral part of the journey to success and to view them as opportunities for growth and learning. They have taught me by example to lean on my inner strength, to look forward, and achieve unsurmountable goals.
To celebrate International Women's Day, I want to share just a few of the lessons I've learned from some of my favorite women: 

From my mother, I've learned to be courageous and creative in art and in life.

From my grandmother, I've learned to be graceful and kind to all and that the best medicine for overthinking is to dance 
it all away.

From my best friend, I've learned there's always a reason to keep going, and to love all the seasons of the year, even the "bad weather" days, not just the sunshiny summer days.

From my customers, I've learned that my dreams can come true.

When I started this journey, I pretty much just had a dream – a vision and a few sketches: to dress one woman at a time and empower her through fashion to look good and feel good. As it seems, dreams do come true, and as a designer, I'm reminded of that every time I get a picture of a fabulous woman wearing one of my pieces. Taking a risk on this dream has been incredibly rewarding. I wouldn't have learned this without the many women who have supported me, their understanding, their questions, and, ultimately, their own stories of dreams coming true; this encourages me to grow, be better, and work harder — 
as they continue to do so every day.
Which women have inspired you and how? Tell them!
I've designed a card template featuring my original sketch, just like the one below, which you can customize with your message to share with the women who have inspired you in your life! Customize it here.

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