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 Dear friend, 
“Years ago I would have avoided this conversation,” the message read. “But today, when they reached out, I was able to answer their questions. I've been praying for this person for three years, and they finally reached out and asked me about Jesus. This book helped me have the words to explain what I believe."
I swallowed and blinked back tears, picturing this: this person, prayed over by name for over a thousand days, not knowing the work God was doing. Not knowing where to turn… until they remembered that one Christian friend. This friend would be there. She could answer the heart-rending questions.

And that's exactly what she did. 
Messages like these are the brightest part of my week. Not because of the part I or my book played in it but due to the joy I feel to see God's children walking in His truth! To see a woman who can not only explain what she believes but is perceived as a trustworthy person to come to with questions - this friends, this is what it means to be a city on a hill.
I say it over and over but I'll say it again: Theology is the engine of evangelism. After all, if your theology is screwy then the gospel you're preaching can't save. Knowing God deeply and intimately, knowing His kindness, knowing His justice, knowing why He sent Christ motivates us to share Him with others. 
Friends, I am so proud of you. I am so inspired by you. I LOVE hearing how you are living your faith in your corner of the world! (PS you can always email these in! Even if I can't respond every time, I read them!) Keep on being bold for Jesus, living by the Spirit, and pointing the way to the Father. 
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What to Expect This Week

Monday: Ask Anything Monday on Facebook and Instagram (Insta Q/A expires Tuesday afternoon). I asked your preferred format for questions - typed out or video? Typed out won by a landslide, but I will still make some reels and video answers as well. Also watch Verity Podcast for more!
Tuesday: This lovely email lands in your inbox and I hop on Instagram for a deep dive into a theological topic!
Wednesday: New Verity Podcast episode! This is where most of my long form content is.
Thursday: Day in the Life on Instagram stories. You get to come along for a normal day behind the scenes at Every Woman a Theologian and on our farm.
Friday: Product and book recs on IG if I'm online.
Ask Anything Questions

How not to deconstruct while leaving a legalistic background?
This is a great question, because - as I like to say - legalism is the farm team for deconstruction. The way legalism deceives and blinds us to truth makes it difficult to sift what is biblical from what was added onto Scripture! I think a really great example of how to do this is Jinger Duggar Vuolo's book “Becoming Free Indeed”. While she is still in a church that I consider pretty unhealthy in many ways (John MacArthur's) what she shares in the book about disentangling legalism from faith is true and good. It may be a help! I also have a podcast episode on leaving legalism without leaving God.
Is it bad to leave a group of Christian friends who seem unhealthy - eg incessant gossip?
1-2 Corinthians talk extensively about this issue. The important thing to ask is: Have I confronted this sin with my believing friends? If not, leaving would not be beneficial because they were never told why and not given a chance to repent and change. That should be the goal! But if you HAVE confronted it and they refuse to change, Paul indicates in 1 Corinthians that you should “treat them like an unbeliever”. In other words, don't have an intimate relationship with them, but be kind, loving, and truthful, exhibiting Christ to them in your life and behavior.
What makes something idol? Would you say most people have social media as one?
An idol is anything that distracts us from worship of God on a consistent basis. I think social media is actually the medium to serve UP the idols rather than the idol itself. It tells us to idolize work, the hustle, beauty, our bodies, sex, relationships, big houses, and travel. So we should be on guard that our eyes and hearts are fixed on Christ.
Best tips for training kids for church service?
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My Five Faves

  • Whisk: Josh discovered this app when he took over meal planning a few weeks ago. I'd never heard of it - and wow! You can put into the app what ingredients you have in your pantry. It will find recipes based on what you already have. You can also pick the recipes you want to make and it will auto populate a grocery list that you can then link to your Instacart! Since I use Instacart for my Aldi order every Monday after co-op, it's a perfect fit.
  • Native Skin Care: In the past I used Young Living for all my skincare, but due to my autoimmune disease discovered I am allergic to most monoterpenes in essential oils. Then I used DIME, which I loved, but it's a little pricey! I recently tried out Native's skincare line. I use the face wash, serum and lotion and have really loved it.
  • My Book Holder: This was a sweet gift from W Publishing for the launch of Every Woman a Theologian and I can't find the exact one, but here's one similar. 
  • No Such Thing as Bad Weather: I thrifted this book over the weekend and already love it. For those who live in cold climates, this is a must read! For anyone who sees the need for kids to spend more time outdoors.
  • Jesus Revolution: For my dad's birthday Sunday we took the whole fam to see this new movie (including our kids, ages 7, 5, and 2). Having previously been a member of Calvary Chapel, the movie had even more significance to me. It was incredibly well done and inspiring, especially considering the parallels to today's cultural climate. Definitely recommend seeing it and praying about what YOUR role is in the awakening of this generation to the Lord. *sensitive scenes: drug overdose and car accident. We just covered our kids' eyes for these.
At Home with the Masonheimers

  • Our homeschool routine this week includes studying Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines since we are looking at these places in geography and in our studies of the Korean War. We are learning about aerodynamics by making paper airplanes, adjusting them for the best performance!
  • We changed up our routine to have mandatory outside time at 11:30 AM each day. This helps burn off some energy before lunch and quiet time, after our homeschool routine is done.
  • I have several podcast interviews this week for the launch of Every Woman a Theologian, including a trip to a local church which is always a wonderful time! I love coming alongside those doing ministry in Michigan.
  • Josh made a Belgian beer beef stew as one of the dinners he planned this week and it smells amazing. On the Whisk app!
  • For our evening date night Josh and I are currently watching Magpie Murders. There are some themes we don't love and some language (you can use VidAngel to clean this up) but it definitely keeps you guessing. It's by Masterpiece Theater.
  • Currently reading:
    • Josh: A Wise Man's Fear, part of a fantasy trilogy he's been enjoying.
    • Me: There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather, War & Peace, two Leviticus commentaries, Becoming Free Indeed
We are one week out from Every Woman a Theologian's launch and I want to again THANK YOU for supporting us by buying the book! The first week of sales helps us so much!




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