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Hey A-Listers,
I have a neighbour, Michelle, that’s a pilot, and also had a friend whose sister, Adele, was a crane driver, so I LOVE that women are doing all the things that were previously predominantly done by men.
When I saw an invite to an event called “Fight Like A Girl”, it got my attention. I’ve often wondered how I would react in a confrontational situation and am pleased to say I have never had to, BUT I know that as I sit here right now, I’m not sure if I would scream, run, or freeze. I mean, I was gifted a knuckleduster by a hardcore friend who has fought in Iraq, but I would have to say to the attacker “please just hold on while I rummage in my bag”.
I need to be better.
A lovely lady I recently met, Trisha, teaches women to be situationally aware which is something I can certainly be better at, and better prepared.
Anyway, I’m excited to share that I am going to attend the “Fight Like A Girl” seminar on Saturday afternoon, and just hope there is not too much physical exertion that will leave me red-faced, huffing, and puffing. Ann assures me that they pride themselves in being able to empower women of all strengths, fitness levels, and ages to be able to use what they teach to effectively get away from an attacker. She says: “We do teach techniques but it’s more about how to use our natural strengths as women, working with what the body can and cannot do and where to strike” which sounds awesome as I was concerned about having the right moves and not being a suitable Kung Fu Panda! 🐼
I asked for a few sneak peek pics and when I saw they were titled “headlock” and “strangled from behind” I thought SHEW – I’m going, I need to empower myself and be confident in unforeseen circumstances.
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Spaces are VERY limited but I’d love you to join me, only if you promise not to take pics and tag me LOL. Their focus is usually corporate and schools, so take advantage of this public seminar. Get off the couch, peel yourself away from your Netflix marathon, and learn something that could save your life!
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See you there. It'll be fun!
I found it fascinating to read how Ann and Christine started their journey. Learn more about Fight Like A Girl by clicking here
Spoiler alert – I will be doing a follow up to let you know how it went. I have no doubt that will be an interesting read and hoping to say: “no bones were broken, or friends harmed in the upskilling process”. Watch out baddies, don’t mess with me cos I’m gonna learn to fight like a girl!

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After years of mystery shopping and training restaurants and hotels, it is safe to say I have had my fair share of delicious and underwhelming meals. 
When it was our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary and we were looking for a restaurant to celebrate with all their grey headed counterparts, we chose the restaurant run by Thai Chef Goo, and his mom. It was wonderful. 
I crossed paths with Goo in later years as he was at The Hilton Hotel and then Head Chef at Onomo – always producing a phenomenal offering. How excited I was to hear he was opening his own spot again, focusing on his culinary heritage, Thai food. This man can cook I tell ya! The only thing that made me sad was that he was opening in Durban North and, living in Hillcrest, I thought I’d need to have my passport stamped coming down the hill. Speaking of passports, this is one restaurant my brother will NOT miss going to when he is out here from the UK a few times a year on business.  It is so worth it! The fact that they have over 5000 followers and sit on a 4.8 rating says a lot! Warning - following them on Facebook creates FOMO as I find myself salivating at their posts wishing I was there. Fortunately, I have a car and petrol so off I go!
Apart from the dilemma of what to choose off the menu, you are guaranteed that your tastebuds will have a party when you devour Goo’s meals. A trendy space, views of the golf course, fresh air and a culinary experience is what you’re in for.
Goo’s on Beachwood now has a lunch special which is INCREDIBLE value! A choice of 4 amazing dishes for only R99! Available Wednesday to Friday from 12h00 – 16h00. Go and see for yourself, you’ll thank me later.
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Don’t forget on those nights that you don’t feel like cooking, Goo’s does takeaways too. I mean, why would you order stodgy pizza or soggy fish when you can eat this for dinner? No brainer! Goo even caters for parties and private dinner parties. Am so going to do that one day! #goals
I am now clearly faced with 2 options – ensure all my meetings out there coincide with these times or move house to be nearer. Babe, start packing!
Chat to Goo or his lovely wife, Sheri, on 0793273924 and be sure to follow them on Facebook – Goo’s on Beachwood, as they have awesome wine pairing events, live bands etc and I’m sure you don’t want to miss out!

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