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Did you know that fibrous breasts are 4x more likely to develop breast cancer?
On traditional mammographies, dense breasts show up as does cancer.
Just because the insurance companies don’t pay for thermographies doesn’t mean that it is not a good, valid test. Thermographies show early angiogenesis blood supply that could be feeding cancerous cells.
⬆️ You don’t see that on a mammography, ultrasound or MRI.
A thermography does not replace a mammogram, but it is another helpful tool to have to detect early breast disease along with ultrasound.
I do not do thermography in my office, however I do refer patients to Patricia Luccardi in Manhattan. If you are not in the local New York area, here is where you can find thermography locations around the United States, Canada & Barbados.
This is for informational purposes only.  Always consult your own healthcare provider.
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