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A Celebration of Bold, Brave Beginnings
April 22nd, 2023
10:30am - 5:30pm
C-Space King Edward Theatre
Calgary, Alberta
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Join Jackie Dumaine and friends as we celebrate the courage it takes to step out of your comfort zone and start something new.
Proceeds of the She Starts Now event will be donated to the Safe Haven Foundation, an organization that provides safe and secure housing, resources, mentorship, life skills and unconditional love to homeless and at-risk teenage girls, giving them a second chance and the opportunity to dream and create a new, beautiful reality.
THE BIG GOAL? To raise $22,000 for Safe Haven Foundation through ticket sale proceeds, individual donations and corporate sponsorships.
What can you expect when you attend SHE STARTS NOW?
🌹 Life Shifting Experiences
🌹 Inspiration & Transformational Talks
🌹 Connection, Networking & Community
🌹 Mind Expanding Entertainment Guaranteed to Give You Goosebumps
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This isn't a typical gala, networking or fundraising event.
It's a fully interactive and transformational experience like no other created to shift your perspective on what's possible for your life.
▪️ The ability to support the Safe Haven Foundation and make a difference in a young girl’s life. 
▪️ The She Starts Now 6 Pillar Process that shows you exactly how to start taking action on and follow through with a dream, goal or a new way of being. Whether it's taking your first art class, running a marathon, investing money, changing harmful habits, letting go of toxic relationships or starting a business.
I created this 6 pillar framework for myself when I decided that life was too short to play small and stay stuck. Without it, the She Starts Now event, podcast, and the movement wouldn't be happening.
 You'll be the first to learn about this exact process and how you can use it in your own life. 
▪️ Access to a private pre-event Facebook group where you'll meet other participants before you arrive, get exclusive behind the scenes updates on the She Starts Now podcast launch and a few extra surprises {sorry, can't give everything away!}
▪️ Post-event online gathering via Zoom to recap the experience, share updates and dive deeper into the She Starts Now process {date TBD}
▪️ Unique, interactive and powerful transformational experiences
▪️ A beautiful custom She Starts Now journal & workbook to document your a-ha moments and inspirations
▪️ Gourmet grazing station by Salon Catering with gluten-free/vegan options {think luxury charcuterie board, but better}
▪️ Sweet treats that will leave your tastebuds swirling
▪️ Signature Rose Blossom Prosecco Cocktail or Mocktail {made with rose petals soaked in honey for 30 days} 🌹
▪️ A nourishing self-care gift bag
A Limited Edition and signed print by Calgary artist 
Paul Van Ginkel 
Choose your print during ticket registration process and it will be available for you to take home in secure packaging the day of the event.
Choose from Passion of a Tornado or White Roses
Prints are sold individually for $150 each on the artist's website
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▪️ You want to support the Safe Haven Foundation, an amazing organization that gives homeless and at-risk girls safe and secure housing so they have the chance to dream again
▪️ You have a dream - big or small - that you've tucked far away and are ready to bring it to life
▪️ You're feeling the nudge to step out of your comfort zone and explore new possibilities for your life, career or business
▪️You're entering into a new phase (or decade) of your life and are ready to change the things are aren't working and do more of the things that are
▪️ You want to meet new friends and build a community of women who "get you" and will become your loudest cheerleaders
▪️ You know that you're capable of so much more and want proof that it's not too late to start (right now)
▪️ You're looking for a dose of electrifying energy and inspiration that won't fade after the event is over
▪️ You've already taken the bold risk to start something new and want to inspire others with your story
▪️ You're aching to get out of the house and put on your most fabulous outfit
▪️ You're feeling nostalgic and could use a little 80's & 90's music in your life (like really, who DOESN'T need that!)
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Click the big green button below and you'll be taken to a secure site to purchase your ticket. ✨ Note: there is an extensive FAQ section on the bottom of the ticket page, be sure to review it for very important questions like:  What should I wear?  (I know you were thinking it, right!?)
This event is over 50% sold out.
If it's calling you, secure your ticket soon.🌹
Want to book a table of 8 for your organization or friends? 
Want to learn how you can donate or become a sponsor?
Looking to volunteer?
Hit reply and let's talk! 
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Paul Van Ginkel
20 x 15
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Paul Van Ginkel]
23 x 13
She Starts Now is my story.
She Starts Now is your story.
She Starts Now is OUR story.
Let's begin, shall we? 🌹
❤️ CLICK HERE AND WATCH THIS MOVING VIDEO to learn more about how you'll be helping the young women in the Safe Haven program. ❤️