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Welcome to Notes From Natty - our standing Friday morning coffee date (inbox style of course) where you get a weekly writing tip, a round up of the latest at Natty Writes and Friday Finds and Faves that I simply can’t gatekeep. Grab your cup (I’ve got mine ☕️) & let’s dig in ⬇️
Happy March 10th, First name / friend!
There’s nothing super significant about this day for me except that it’s the 10th entry for Notes From Natty. And it’s National Pack Your Lunch Day. 
But that doesn’t mean anything to me either, so I’m gonna go with celebrating the 10th entry. 🎉
You often see people celebrating a lot of big momentous things in business - like their business birthday, 10k followers, 100k podcast downloads, 500 subscribers.
But you can’t get to 10k without the first 10, so I’m recognizing this 10th entry as a big deal and thought I’d use this moment to share 10 Reasons I Believe That 2023 Is The Year of the Blog.
Let’s get right to it ⬇️
  1. Social media is changing daily and people are growing tired of trying to keep up, so they’re looking for something that’s a bit more consistent.
  2. People are starting to realize the importance of owning your content and are putting more emphasis on that.
  3. Creators and business owners are turning to previously overlooked platforms like Pinterest to market, but in order to utilize that platform they need content to direct people back to (aka their blog).
  4. With so many industries saturated with tons of people doing similar things, the emphasis on standing out is more important now than ever. Spending time to create long form content that delivers in depth value can set you apart in your industry and allow you to be seen as a true expert and thought leader.
  5. People want their best content to be in a place that their audience can refer to over and over and over again versus it dying off in 48 hours or less on social media.
  6. Those that struggle with knowing what to post on social media each week realize that blogs can be a starting point for the rest of their content and actually makes the entire content creation process 10x easier.
  7. After spending time, money and energy on creating their website, people want to start utilizing it more and make sure it’s a place that’s truly resourceful for their audience versus just being something that people use as a contact form.
  8. In order to truly serve their audience, people want to go beyond the surface level of their content and dive deep into different topics. Instagram Reels simply don’t allow for that and captions have character count limits.
  9. Social media is noisy and it can be hard for your call to action to be clear. With the options to follow, like, share, click the link in bio and then have the option to click 5 different links, you’re lucky if someone follows your call-to-action from a post. Blogs give you space to be more direct with your CTA’s which can potentially boost conversions.
  10. Blogs simultaneously serve two groups of people: 1) those who are newer to your audience and have never purchased from you, but might be interested and 2) existing customers that have already purchased from you before. With the first group, you get to nurture them and give more insight to what you’re about while also providing ultimate education for them. With the second group, you get to continue to add value and build more trust, which can lead to boosting your repeat buyers.
I’ll be honest, stopping at just 10 reasons was hard for me (a sign this needs to be a blog post), but these are the top 10 that I’m seeing with clients and with those asking me questions about blogs on social media.
More and more people are starting to see how blogs aren’t dead and are leaning into this piece of content marketing - and to that I’m giving them a round of applause. 👏🏼
If you’re reading this and are among the group of people who have been seriously considering implementing blogs in your business this year, I’m here to help!
Here’s how:
  • Free E-book Resource: The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging For Your Business - this is the ultimate starting point if you’re brand new to blogs and want a step by step guide
  • New Blog Posts Every Wednesday that are aimed to help you with the content writing side of your business
  • Blog Writing Starter Pack (booking for April) - this gets you started with 4 blog outlines based on your existing content and a full 1 month blog content plan to get you started with ease
  • Blog Strategy Session (spots available this month!) - this is for you if you like the idea of starting a blog, but you aren’t sure what you would write about. We’ll work together to create your specific blog strategy and you’ll walk away with topics to hit the ground running
Writing Tip of the Week
Use analogies and metaphors to connect what you do to something that your audience easily understands!
Instead of telling you what I mean (even though I’m sure you already know what an analogy and metaphor is lol) let me just show you ⬇️
This week I’ve seen two people do this really well:
  • Sarah Burk using house plants to compare Instagram to Pinterest
In her post, she took a common item that people generally know about (house plants) and used this to show the difference between two platforms. 
I was locked in from the beginning and it made me want to start marketing on Pinterest even more!
  • Nicole Burdick comparing wellness and websites
Nicole is a fellow believer in the power of websites and the content on your website, so she took the opportunity in the caption of this reel to talk about how prioritizing social media is like living off of drive-thru meals (instant gratification) versus prioritizing your website which is like healthy meal prep (long term benefits).
And I loved this post even more because it drove people to her recent blog post – and you know how I feel about blogs. 💃🏼
*snaps for Nicole*
I’m challenging myself to be better about this, too, and encourage you to join me!
(in case you missed the latest)
Friday Finds & Faves
Personal development reading used to be one of my morning routine non-negotiables along with my Bible reading and prayer journaling, but for whatever reason I got out of the habit and it's been really hard for me to jump back in.
This week I decided that I was going to get out of my own way and pick up a freaking book because there's really no reason I can't spend 15-20 minutes reading 1-2 chapters each day!
So, this past Monday I picked up Born to Shine by Kendra Scott off my shelf - it's her memoir, which are among my favorite types of books to read.
As of today, I'm 6 chapters in and really loving it! Here are a few of my highlighted takeaways from this week:
  • Work is not our life or our identity, but it gives identity and meaning to our lives.
  • It is never meaningless, small or insignificant to care for yourself or the people around you.
  • Our experiences outside of work enrich our lives at work. They bring perspective, compassion, empathy and personality to the workplace.
I'm hopeful that my reading habit is here to stay and because I need someone to hold me accountable (I'm volunteering you, First name / friend 🥰) here are the next reads that are on my Book Bucket List: