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We're delighted to provide you with the latest updates from VoltaChem. Specifically, we are proud to share our latest discussion paper Electrolysers: opportunities for the high-tech manufacturing industry and to share more information about ZEUS, which is the largest independent testing facility for CO2 electrolysis cells, stacks & components in Europe! Additionally, we'll be providing insights into sustainable building blocks and products produced by CO2 conversion, courtesy of our community member Raphäel Le Gall of TotalEnergies. And we are proud to share our Key Insight #2 A pivotal role for renewable methanol, our collaboration with Topsoe and several upcoming events that should not be missed.
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A few highlights from our upcoming events:

We hope you enjoyed reading this VoltaChem Update. Would you like to know more about the VoltaChem program, our projects or events? Please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or my team members.
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