What an amazing week it was. I haven’t really had the time to write a newsletter, but today I determined to spend an hour updating you on what has been going on at Musotrees.
We did two launches in two consecutive weeks. That was something I had never done before. It’s utterly overwhelming, in the best possible way. I’m happy with the outcomes. Everything was exactly as I had imagined. So grateful.
The first launch was celebrated and supported by Aesop Malaysia. We held a private event at the largest Aesop store in Malaysia. Thank you, Aesop Malaysia and Singapore, for being fully on board with Musotrees 10. Seeing all familiar and new faces at the launch tells me one thing for sure: that we all have been growing together as an audience, reader, and supporter of Musotrees. A dream means so much more when it is shared.
The second launch was supported by Eslite. As one of the premium bookstores in Kuala Lumpur and located in the Golden Triangle neighbourhood of KL, Eslite definitely puts itself in a good position to attract new readers. I had the chance to share my story from the beginning on how I started Musotrees with my strong team, both based here in Malaysia and in the UK. A special shout-out to all contributors who made Volume 10 another great milestone. Cheers to more good and amazing things in the future.
That’s all for now. I promise I have something more to share soon. If you haven’t gotten the new issue, it is never too late.
Have a great weekend.
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