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Welcome to the Kyley Leger Marketing monthly newsletter! I'm excited to share marketing tips, talk about what I'm reading {maybe business, maybe fun, or maybe growth!}, and share a little behind the scenes of my business. Very casual. 
But also, maybe show you how simple it can be to create a monthly communication to your audience. You may be a friend, client, or future client, but I hope to create content that informs and entertains you {not like jokes, but content that keeps your attention}. I hope this newsletter can be some kind of inspiration – in business or your personal life!
Kyley Leger Marketing

I have spent a lot of time assessing work-life balance and searching for the balance that I need during this phase. What's this phase you say? Three very active boys - shuttling two from sports practices and church and school while the third is the best little tagalong cheerleader shadow. During the daytime hours {and some nights} volunteer work, client work, and working on my business. 
What I'm Doing:
For years, I've used screen limits on my phone to make conscious decisions on phone or app usage. More recently, I have put my phone on Do Not Disturb two hours before I go to bed. 
This helps me deliberately put more white space into my life, gives me a chance to catch up on a chore, allows me to read some of the books on my bedside table, and on the rare chance that our schedules align … spend some time with my husband.  
My Workday:
Every Sunday night I plan out my week, including my workouts and when I'm going to rest. Monday is dedicated to my own business {my social content, invoices, accounting, business proposals} and I try to plan in a little extra rest to start the week. I protect my mornings after school drop-off for a healthy breakfast, time to enjoy my latte, and the chance to get my brain in the right space. 
what I'm doing
I've been reading a variety of books every night, walking on the treadmill every day, and drinking a lot of water. Trying to support myself in healthy ways every day. ✨
What I'm loving:
morning lattes
tennis shoes
limiting my phone usage
✨ deep conversations
✨ planning events
With Gratitude - Kyley

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