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March 2023
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Photo by Jim Coyer
Dear SML Community,
There is BIG news in the world of marine science. A historic decision has just been made to formally sustain our oceans! Almost 200 countries (including the US) came together and signed a treaty to legally protect marine life in international waters (or high seas). This new ocean treaty aims to place 30% of the high seas into protected sanctuaries by 2030. The last agreement to govern the high seas was signed 40 years ago! The treaty also covers environmental assessments to evaluate the potential damage of commercial activities, such as mining. This transformative action is critical given that certain scientific research warns that almost 90% of marine life is at high risk of negative impacts due to climate change. Now the work begins to implement this treaty and ensure that its purpose is well-stewarded. Skilled scientists with marine research expertise will be in high demand and SML beneficiaries will certainly contribute to its awaited success.  
As we anticipate both Cornell Giving Day and UNH’s 603 Challenge, I can’t think of a more inspiring time to invest in the growing needs of our life-sustaining oceans by supporting SML. Our courses and internships provide rigorous training and prepare students for careers in the fields of marine and environmental science and sustainability. Over 60% of our annual budget is sustained by donor support - please join us for a rewarding experience in promoting science education and marine conservation by participating in these critical fundraisers. Our oceans will thank you.    
With deep appreciation, 
Jennifer Seavey
Executive Director
Shoals Marine Laboratory
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It’s Giving Season at Cornell and UNH!
Maximize your support to SML by making a gift during our two biggest fundraisers of the year!
Did you know that 60% of SML’s budget is dependent on donor support? We couldn’t achieve our mission without you! And we are grateful to several donors who have committed matching and challenge funds to help incentivize our community’s generous spirit. We hope you will consider making a gift during one or both events to make the biggest impact for SML – THANK YOU!
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If you are interested in becoming a 603 volunteer, please contact Mike Coburn, AFA Chair, at to learn how!
Navigator Circle 2023
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Another reason to get excited about making your gift during Cornell Giving Day and the 603 Challenge: you can become a member of Shoal’s Navigator Circle 2023! 
A gift of $2,500 or more (during the current fiscal year) will qualify you as a 2023 member of this special group of SML supporters who benefit from exclusive programming throughout the year.
Calling all scientists!
There is an exciting opportunity to join our amazing staff on Appledore Island this summer.
The Shoals Scientist-in-Residence Fellowships (SIRF) support early career, postdoctoral scientists, and late-stage Ph.D. candidates for up to three-month residencies at Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML) on Appledore Island, Maine.
We are currently taking applications for our 2023 season! Apply below or share this email with someone who'd be a great fit.
Shoals Marine Laboratory is a joint partnership between Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire.