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A high-intensity RIDE for all levels set to the beat of the music with more push pace work than our traditional RIDE – think HIIT on the bike.
A key differentiator for this RIDE is providing clear, timed intervals more frequently. All non-beat based work in the form of interval pushes and interval training is to build cardiovascular endurance and will return to the beat of the music.
INTERVALS can come in the form of pace pushes (past the beat), resistance increase pushes (on or off the beat), speed work, long string choreography or combos, and timed intervals.
You will leave this class feeling powerful, breathless, and like a badass.
Heart pumping, SPEED, HIIT, challenging, powerful
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A strength building RIDE for all levels rooted in the beat of the music with core-focused choreography and more focus on resistance work compared to our traditional RIDE.
Simple choreography with resistance progressions build the foundation of this RIDE. The aim is to focus on higher resistance within a full range of speeds to create foundational support. One of the main differentiators of this RIDE is the use of a resistance band at key times throughout the class.
You will leave this class feeling empowered, strong, and fatigued.
MUSCLE BUILDING, DEEP core work, STRENGTH, foundational
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Sign-ups are now LIVE.
Sessions begin the first week of April at all studios.
From April 1-16 INTERVAL + RESISTANCE classes are FREE to book for the entire community. No credit necessary to book!
From April 16-30 INTERVAL + RESISTANCE classes are $10 and bookable using our $10 “community credit” or any membership/credit package.* 
*Classes eligible to be booked with the community credit are marked with a ⭐️ emoji.
Starting May 1 all RIDE classes will resume to the standard credit price.
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