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Spring has officially sprung! And I can't wait to get all my herbs growing! It feels somewhat like a reset button – 2020-2022 was a time of transition and healing, but 2023 already feels like a year of new birth, inspiration, and fresh vision for the future! I'm super excited to tell you about all the things coming this month! 
April Showers do indeed bring on May flowers! So, you'll want to make sure you have a Seasonal Support Roller to keep on hand!  🐝🐝🐝  Use  Avery Template #8387 postcard stock to DOWNLOAD and print your own Seasonal Relief recipe cards. Or, if you would like the Canva link to personalize the shareable back-page with your own info, just let me know! 

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Check out the freebies this month!
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You’ll earn your normal 10-25% back in Loyalty Rewards, PLUS an additional bonus 10 LR points!
✨  190PV // LEMONGRASS, 15ml // ORANGE, 15ml, LR Bonus
☀️ Lemongrass is a perfect choice for giving your home an exotic Spring-kissed aroma. Try adding a few drops to your wool dryer balls to freshen up your laundry. Are you working out? Want those joints to feel great like they used to? Add it to your muscle and joint rollers with a carrier. Massage it diluted in a carrier oil over the neck for your lymphatic system. Emotionally, this oil is a great energizer and reset button for the brain. Awesome for sleep diffused with cedarwood!
This is one of my favorite oils because of it's versatility. First off, this oil smells amazing when combined with basically any other oil in your diffuser. I love mixing it with Believe specifically when I need an uplifting aroma after a hard day. Did you know that citrus oils are also great for melatonin production? This oil in the diffuser at night is heaven. You can also add a drop of Orange Vitality to your tooth brush for some natural whitening power. 
Great for digestive support and gets things moving. (Especially helpful to rub diluted on gassy baby tummies!) Makes the most delish chai tea!! Basically make thieves vitality tea + copaiba vitality oil + orange vitality + splash of milk... amazinggggg! Add a few drops to smoothies or yogurt!!! YUM!
MIGHTYPRO These are Young Living’s kids pre/probiotics, but let’s be honest, adults take them too! They taste just like a pixy stick. MightyPro supports gastrointestinal and immune health and maintains gut health in children, keeping kids up and active. 
That means fewer missed days of school, day care, and playing with friends. MightyPro is formulated with Ningxia wolfberry fiber, a naturally occurring prebiotic. The wolfberry fiber passes through the gut and promotes healthy bacteria in the colon, helping make the most of the probiotic complex. My grandkids love these (and so do I)! 
  • Over 8 billion active, live cultures to support and maintains healthy digestive and immune system
  • Promotes healthy bacteria in gut by colonizing GI tract- Helps with bouts of constipation
  • Support against digestive discomfort
  • Helps with diarrhea, gas, and bloating
  • Formulated for infants and up
Our immune systems are based in our gut (healthy belly = healthy body)! What’s a prebiotic and why is it important? It’s a dietary fiber that feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut, helping that good bacteria to supply nutrients to your colon cells!
WOW! I'm super excited to get this roller free! This roll-on is a blend of Smart Spectrum CBD, Peppermint, Copaiba, and not one, but FOUR Eucalyptus essential oils. Apply to the head, neck, chest, or under the nose for immediate relief and comfort. You can also apply this to tired muscles to help soothe them! 
The eucalyptus oils in combo with the other oils included are known for their support in inflammatory response and also provide a cooling, opening, release effect when applied. Apply this as needed after your workouts or after a full day of gardening this spring!
A focus on the gut & immune system, flexible joints, mood boosting, and a breathing powerhouse roll-on!
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It's a full month of loaded classes in April, including many of my favorite topics!  Text CLASS  to 309-450-9711 to receive reminders about Common Scents Zoom and in-person classes each month.

 And check out even MORE classes with friends I collab with and heartily recommend at
Remember, these classes are put together with love to help you gain confidence in how to use the oils and products our family loves and trusts! I hope to see you and get to know you better! 
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And if you live near Peoria (or will be in town) please feel free to join us in person for our Lavender and Lemonade Gathering to have fun and learn all about oils!
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Print out the exotic room spray recipe card below on (Avery Card Stock #8387). Recipe includes this month's freebie oils, Orange and Lemongrass! You can also also blend them in your diffuser or wear as a perfume! Click image below for free PDF download.
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Click the link below to order all the gorgeous oils in this exotic room spray! (Or save the wishlist to share with friends)
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Meet this month's featured Common Scents Silver,  
Audrea Zigler…
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"Young Living became the perfect fit. I realized QUALITY was key! This spurred me on to share what I was learning and to encourage others to be gate keepers of their own homes too. The community connections here are the cherry on top and inspire me daily to serve more!" - Audrea Zigler
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“You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”  - Two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, PhD,
Up until recently, I avoided Mineral Essence because it’s not the best tasting thing. Recently though, I started adding 2 droppers to my Stanley filled with mostly water, 2oz Ningxia Red, and one spritz of Jade Lemon Berry Vitality Drops. It's super yum! 
Tired all the time? Have “anemia”? This is for you. Well really, this supplement is for everyone! Mineral Essence is a very balanced, organic, ionic mineral complex with more than 60 different minerals. Without minerals, vitamins cannot be properly assimilated or absorbed by the body. Mineral Essence has a natural electrolyte balance, helping to prevent disease and premature aging. 
This blend also contains Lemon, Cinnamon bark, and Peppermint essential oils. Minerals are necessary for proper immune and metabolic functions, and essential oils enhance the bioavailability of minerals, which makes this product even better! To demonstrate this, a group of volunteers consumes a teaspoon of liquid trace minerals without essential oils. 
Each volunteer experienced diarrhea within 24 hours. Following a cleansing period of several days, the same volunteers were given a double dosage of the same liquid trace minerals blended with essential oils. None experienced diarrhea. -Dr. Gary Young
Ionic minerals are the most fully and quickly absorbed minerals available. 
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This bundle is HEAVEN! Lushious Lemon is the official smell of spring in my house with its bright, citrus notes of Lemon Myrtle and Lemon, the fresh floral scent of Ylang Ylang, and cool, inviting Spearmint and Eucalyptus Globulus. It’s a must! Receive a 15ml of it in this bundle along with my other diffuser favorites Jade Lemon, and the warm, inviting scent of Vanilla that you can diffuse in your new macaron diffuser. Okay...this diffuser. It is chic, simple, and just gorgeous. I love this one on a small side table or in a bathroom. It’s perfection! 
  • Lemon Myrtle - add to your household cleaner, apply topically to your chest to breathe easy, or drop on your wool dryer balls
  • Vanilla - diffuse with any citrus or woodsy oils to take your diffusing to the next level
  • Lushious Lemon - add to your household cleaner, dish soap, laundry soap, or diffuse all day long to bring the sunshine and clean air inside
This bundle is while supplies last and one-time order only, so grab it while you can!
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Young Living wants to reward you for taking time out from your busy lives to have fun and share all the wellness Young Living has to offer! Sign up to host a party in April and get 15% off to save on samples or giveaways to share. 
If you sign up to host three parties, you’ll also get three points for the Kona Challenge.Want to earn even more rewards? Be one of the first 1,500 people to sign up to host an event and place a 150+ PV one-time order and you’ll get two new, never-before-seen oils for free! These oils are set to launch April 15, but by meeting the requirements above, you can get first access to them! 
But wait! Your new enrollees get a little something too. Get a new Customer or Brand Partner started with Young Living in April and they’ll receive 10% off their first order of 100–199 PV or 20% off their first order of 200+ PV. When the party’s over, show us what an amazing time you had by tagging us on your pics with #myYLevent
.Offers expire on April 30th at 11:59p.m. MT. Sign up to host an event here:
 Please fill out this Jot Form for April events starting April 1st. 
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Did you know that you can earn a $75 THANK YOU CHECK when someone orders a starter kit using your link? Do you know how to create your own customized link? If not, feel free to text LINKME me at 309-450-9711. 
And if you are a Brand Partner who stepped back during all the craziness of the last few years, but you're curious about how everything works now, click the image below to find out about our easy Refresh class coming up on Wednesday.  Passcode: WohTeam
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Have a beautifully, blessed April!
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