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Hey First name / friend!
So I hear Spring has sprung…. is that really true?  🤣 Doesn't seem like it in my corner of the world, but it's all good.  The days are getting longer and attitudes are getting a little brighter!  Whoo Hoo for Spring!
Is spring cleaning a thing in your world?  It probably should be in mine, but it's not.  I guess the reality is that it's just not a high priority for me out of all the things I want to accomplish in my life.  How about you?
What are your goals and dreams?  Are you actively working towards them or saving them for “someday”?  I heard a presentation from Lisa Bilyeu (co-founder of Quest Nutrition) recently, and the topic was “Making Your Time Count”.  She gave some really great tips and action steps we can all take to find the time to pursue our goals and dreams.  There were so many great takeaways that I was inspired to share with you in this week's blog.
Is there something you want to do, but keep putting it off because you “don't have time”?  If so, please take the time to read my blog this week. There are some great tips in there that will help you change your life for the better.  Check it out here:  Time is a precious commodity - are you using yours wisely?
I hope you'll find some nuggets of information here that inspire and help you on your own journey through life and business.  I believe there is tremendous value in sharing how we bridge the work-life gap, and wholeheartedly believe that if we grow together, we will thrive together. ❤️
Make it a great week!

Digital Marketing & Operations Consulting
“My mission is to help busy entrepreneurs with things they don't have the time or expertise to do themselves.”
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Are you tapped out on your personal bandwidth, but know that the right person could help you take your business to the next level?
That person could be me! 😊  As a seasoned business pro with over 30 years of experience in all facets of business, I've got what it takes to walk beside you and help your dreams become reality. 
I know how hard it can be to let go and trust someone to treat your business like their own and care as much as you do.  But that's what I've been doing my entire career, and what I love about small business - the opportunity to help small business owners achieve “the dream”.  
Whether you need help with task-oriented projects like copywriting, email marketing, and website updates or outcome-oriented projects like marketing or operations strategic planning and implementation, I can help.  And I'll be the first to tell you if I can't help, so don't hesitate to reach out.  It doesn't hurt to chat. 😉


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