Hello, First name / my friend!
Every now and then, I stop, look around, and actually say out loud to myself “I have a really amazing job.” And that's especially true this week! Invoking the most annoying author phrase ever--I can't really talk about any of it yet--but I promise good things are coming, I promise I'll share just as soon as I'm allowed, and I'm so thankful that I get to tell these stories as my for-real grown-up job. 
I've been super busy this week with the new project I'm working on and figuring out exactly how much ~tension~ can brew between these two before things boil over. So far, there's a ton of tension! These two are a lot of grumpy-sunny-angsty-bickery fun.
I have a few goodies for you below. As you may have noticed, I've been plowing through Abby Jimenez's catalog recently. There's something so fascinating about how her books are all kinds of rom-com bananas but also profoundly, intensely emotional while working through serious issues. If someone told me the main character of a book was recovering from an emotionally abusive relationship or the tragic death of her fiancé or a chaotic family system and the potential of a fatal diagnosis…I'd pass in a heartbeat. Too heavy for my tender reader heart even on my best days. But these stories feel so authentic and true that the heaviness isn't heavy. They're real in fresh, honest ways that avoid all pressing of bruises and trauma p*rn. And the narration is incredible.
Don't get me wrong: I still cry while listening to these books and since I only listen to audio books while on mental health walks, the people in my neighborhood get to witness all of this. And that's okay. It works beautifully with my whole quirky author vibe. 
Stay well, my friend!
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