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It's Friday, which means a Five Dot morning coffee chat.
(New Mother's and Father's Day designs!!)
Several wonderful things this week! Starting with something special: I shared on Instagram about Tommy's love for the Oscar's, and how he staged a full red carpet evening for us in our living room in 2020. My sweet friends knew I loved this memory and showed up to my house in formalwear with champagne and snacks for a surprise Oscar's viewing party. My heart nearly burst. <3
*cue fanfare!* I released my 2023 Mother's Day and Father's Day card designs this week. They are all available to shop and they are pretty dang cute if I do say so myself! ;)
In other exciting business news, Barnes and Noble chose my card along with other Louie Award finalists to order for their stores! There is going to be a Louie Award display and my “A little not fine” card will be a part of it. MY CARDS ARE GOING TO BE IN BARNES AND NOBLE Y'ALL!
One of my newest retailers, Nook, in Tennessee made the sweetest video sharing the cards the ordered for his shop. He also lost his partner to cancer, and then became a hospice nurse- what an amazing story! You can see the video on Instagram here.
P.S. The Better Book is finally back in stock- scroll down to learn about it or click here to snag a copy!
 See you next Friday.

xoxo, jess


review of the week!

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The Better Book is finally back in stock- but I now have less than 50 copies available! I created this planner to help Tommy and I stay organized as we navigated his cancer treatments. I had no intention of publishing it when I made it, but after hearing from doctors, nurses, etc who noticed me us using it, I knew I had to share it! Take a peek inside and see all the different sections (ex. prescriptions, symptom tracker, appointment notes, follow up questions, and more!)

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New retailers
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Asking for help is a sign of self-respect and self-awareness.


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