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What is Embryo Adoption?
Embryo adoption is the legal adoption of embryos that have been frozen during in vitro fertilization (IVF). Embryo adoption allows the adoptive parents to carry their baby through pregnancy and give birth to their adopted child. 
For over 50 years, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted reproduction technologies have helped build many families. However, the success of these programs have created a surplus of frozen embryos. When a couple goes through the IVF process, there are often remaining embryos. Those embryos are stored for future use, destroyed, donated to science, or can be donated to an adoptive family. 
Embryo adoption allows the family with the remaining embryos to select a hopeful adoptive family for their embryos. This offers the embryos the potential for life. The adoptive family is able to use the embryos, giving the adoptive mother the chance to carry her adopted child through pregnancy and give birth.  
There are 1 million+ embryos currently in frozen storage in the US. Because of the great need to find adoptive families, Christian Adoption Consultants (CAC) has launched an Embryo Adoption Consulting Program as a life-affirming solution
Embryo adoption is a lower cost option with costs typically ranging from $14K-$19K. 
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Need help funding your adoption?
Embryo adoption fees are lower than a domestic adoption because:
+ There are no birth parent expenses.
+ There is not the same type of legal fees in the embryo adoption process. 
(Embryos are legally transferred from one party to another by contract.)
+ Donors are donating the embryos.
While adoption fees may seem insurmountable, there are many resources available to adoptive parents to help make adoption affordable! CAC can help you create a financial plan through fundraising, grants specific to embryo adoption, and financing options available to hopeful adoptive families. Many families are able to fund their adoption with the help of CAC! 
Who qualifies as Adoptive Parents for Embryo Adoption?
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Since embryo adoption is unique and requires the adoptive mother or gestational surrogate (for a few select programs) to carry the embryo and give birth, there are certain criteria that must be met in addition to a home study and criminal background checks.
Most embryo adoption programs have common age and health qualifications, however each program has its own unique set of requirements. Your CAC Adoption Consultant will be able to guide you to the correct program for your family.
Age Requirements: 
Adopting mothers typically should apply prior to age of 45 & adopting fathers must apply prior to age of 55. 
Marriage Requirements: Most programs require couples to be legally married for at least 2-3 years.
Criminal Background and Child Abuse Checks: All applicants should be free of any misdemeanors or felonies in the past 5 years and have the ability to pass a home study or evaluation.
CAC can help you navigate your embryo adoption!
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Guiding you step by step!
Starting the embryo adoption process can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry! We‘re here to walk you through each step of the process. CAC offers you an experienced, personal Adoption Consultant to walk with you step by step through your adoption. 
In addition, you'll have the support of our entire team of 20+ adoption professionals (including 2 licensed social workers) who have more than 120 years of combined adoption experience.
The typical timeline for embryo adoption is between 8-13 months from the initial application paperwork until the embryo transfer. 
CAC will provide advice and guidance through the steps of adoption such as: embryo program referrals, application paperwork, family evaluations, home study, family profiles, letters to donors, openness in adoption, matching process, contracts and frozen embryo transfers. 
Is Embryo Adoption the Right Fit for Your Family?
  • Have you experienced infertility or been affected by male factor infertility?
  • Are you concerned about passing genetic disorders to your child?
  • Have you had recurrent in vitro fertilization (IVF) failures?
  • Do you have concerns about the high cost of IVF or creating more human embryos?
  • Do you want to give the option of life and a loving family to waiting embryos?
  • Do you have embryos stored that you would like to donate?
If so, you may be a good candidate for our Embryo Adoption Program!

Many couples who have experienced infertility have been able to give birth to their child through the gift of embryo adoption! 
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Still have questions? Here's answers to FAQs:
What is a frozen embryo & frozen embryo transfer (FET)? 
A frozen embryo is a fertilized human egg that was created in a clinic laboratory (outside of the human body) and is cryopreserved for use at a later date. Typically, they are created during a medical treatment called in vitro fertilization (IVF).
To achieve pregnancy using a frozen embryo, the embryo is thawed and transferred into the mother’s uterus through an outpatient procedure in a medical clinic.  
If I want to pursue embryo adoption but I’m already in the adoption process, can I switch & use my existing home study?
YES & YES! If you want to move forward with embryo adoption, CAC can support you. 
Having an existing adoption home study will speed up the process! If you haven't completed a home study, CAC can recommend a home study provider and review your home study to ensure it meets the qualifications for embryo adoption.
What are the legal risks?
From a legal standpoint, embryo adoption is more straightforward than traditional adoption because the donor family relinquishes their rights to the embryos and all parental rights prior to the frozen embryo transfer. The adoptive parents are identified as the legal parents of their embryo adoption child on the birth certificate before they leave the hospital.
What are the Medical risks?
Embryo adoption does not guarantee a pregnancy, but many embryo adoption programs have a re-matching policy to help assist with pregnancy success. Some programs allow the placement of larger sets of embryos which enable adoptive families to have multiple frozen embryo transfers.
On average, the pregnancy success rate for embryo adoption or donation is 40-50+% which varies from program to program. CAC’s recommended programs range from 52-54% success rate or higher. This is much higher than standard IVF, which is currently averaging at 35%.

Why use donated embryos vs donor eggs? what about surrogacy cost?
Donor eggs typically cost between $10,000-$50,000+ where embryos are donated.
Surrogacy costs typically range anywhere from $80,000 - $120,000.  
Could the FET (frozen embryo transfer) be covered by my health insurance?
If your health insurance covers infertility treatments then some of the expenses such as medications, hormone treatments, and even the FET may be covered. We recommend contacting your health insurance provider for coverage information.
Can I select the sex of the embryo/embryos that I am adopting?
Currently, only a small percentage of available embryos have undergone preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), which can reveal the sex of a particular embryo. But even in those cases, most programs choose, for practical as well as ethical reasons, not to share this information with recipients.
Do children born through embryo adoption have a higher risk for birth defects?
Birth defects are no more common with this technique than with standard in vitro fertilization, and are predicted to be no greater than in the general infertility population.
How many embryos would we be adopting?
In some cases, all of the donating/placing family’s embryos are placed with one adopting family. You will be able, through the selection and matching process, to choose the number of embryos.
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If you know CAC’s Embryo Adoption Program is the right decision for you, click on the link, select your consulting package, and submit your payment. 
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