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Last week I realised that I was falling back into an unhelpful pattern, a pattern that I find myself in all too often. Feeling the urge (or rather the urgency) to rush into the next stage or phase of my business before I was ready. 
(Cue spiralling thoughts of - ooohhh I should create passive income in my business, no wait what about a course, perhaps a new service? How can I scale, how can I make this “better”) - do you do this too?
I have a tendency to live my life thinking, dreaming (and worrying) about the future. 
Never allowing myself to be fully present in the moment or enjoying what is right in front of me right now - the sweetness of my present moment or current phase of my life.
I know where this stems from - and it’s something I have to work through everyday. 
But this habit or pattern tends to show up in my business too -
always looking to the future,
trying to be 10 steps ahead instead of paying attention to what is happening now, celebrating where I am now before simply moving onto what is next.
I noticed this pattern showed up as soon as I reached my capacity with retainer clients - while I was happy to have reached this milestone I didn't give myself the time to sit with that achievement. To really feel grateful for this milestone, before heading onto trying to reach the next one.
Part of this was because I was comparing myself to others, telling myself if only I had started doing this work sooner, how much further would I be? 
But here’s the thing I have realised…
When you are constantly trying to climb the ladder or reach the next milestone, you miss the goodness of the phase you are in.
Something I am finding helpful is to see my business journey in cycles, rather than as a linear journey that has an end point.
There is no end point in my business, only an evolution, a series of cycles that will repeat themselves from now into the future.
I knew heading into this new phase of my entrepreneurial journey that I wanted to create a business that would grow and evolve with me - allow me to create new cycles and seasons of my work and be able to support me and follow where my intuition and interest takes me.
Which is why the linear approach to business no longer serves me, and why I am so grateful that I caught myself getting stuck in old habits and thought patterns. 
Because I want to celebrate this milestone. I want to savour this moment, honour this accomplishment and take time to show gratitude for my six clients that believed in me and have decided to work with me through my monthly retainer packages (almost all of whom want to continue working together - which I feel so grateful for).
My hope is to form long term partnerships with these lovely women, to help support their goals and desires in their businesses while also accomplishing my own.
I want to honour that.
I want to honour and celebrate this milestone.
To take my time to adjust to my new client workload.
To find a rhythm and routine before I rush on into the next phase or the next cycle. 
Because there is no rush. There is no end destination. 
Even though I am so excited to start booking more VIP days and connecting with clients who need more short term help, I also want to take a moment to honour the closing of this cycle. 
Before beginning the new - I will be taking the rest of March to give thanks and enjoy the fruits of my labour.
To rest before dashing into the next cycle or phase of my business. And to enjoy the sweetness of where I am right now.
Talking of cycles and seasons - did you take some time to celebrate the spring equinox today? Today officially marks the first day of spring, and the promise of longer days.
For the past few years I have been running my business in tune with the seasons; noticing what each season is teaching me. To create rituals and ceremonies around my work. Which is why I am taking today to do a little spring clean of my office - to clear away the clutter, refresh my space and to allow myself to do things that just make me feel good.
I hope you feel inspired to do the same
Sending all my love,
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