Hi First name / love,
For most of my life, I've known little of Desire. Or, so I thought...
Occasionally, some big thing would come my way and I would know that THAT was it. THAT was what I desired, desperately. Not in a desperate way, though... which likely sounds odd... more that this offer or opportunity in front of me held a key to who I was and to who I wanted to become.
For example, my freshmen year of college... learning about study abroad programs and just knowing, from a deep heart place, that I needed to devote a year to living in a foreign country.
Later, encountering the ancestors and even though I was initially terrified of them (hello, fundamentalist upbringing whispering that relating with the ancestor is akin to devil worship and will surely result in me spending eternity in the fiery depths of hell), trusting a deeper part of me that sent me towards them vs away from them.
I'm so thankful I followed that prompting, that desire!
And, more recently, feeling that odd electric combination of excitement+fear that led me to joining an Existential Kink (the shadow integration work of Carolyn Elliott) coaching program.
There have been many instances where that pull of Desire has guided me in life-changing and amazing ways. There are many time where I have listened to that felt sense of 'THIS is what you desire.'
When I've followed it, I haven't been led astray. My life is profoundly enlivened by these times when I've followed my desire.
My quest these days is to follow the quieter promptings of Desire more consistently.
On a day-to-day basis, it seems Desire is often far away. I'm in my head (Desire, unfortunately, does not reside in the head), planning the day, strategizing how we're going to complete all the items on our ToDo lists and make all the appointments on our calendars. Who is going to pick up D? How will we get him there? What are your priorities for the day? What is non-negotiable for me? And on and on...
In these moment, I've noticed that Desire still lurks deep within me... possibly whispering how much she'd like to take a walk in the sun... or sit on a rock by the lake and watch the sunset... or just lay on her back on the Earth feeling spring beginning to burst forth.
*These* whispers I tend to miss. These are the Desires I wish to train myself to hear and to heed (to actually act upon).
My life has been upturned and transformed in unexpectedly delightful ways every time I've acted upon the "louder" callings of Desire. What might happen if I were to consistently follow these quieter promptings of Desire?
This is where I'm headed. :) Want to join me?
with love,
ps. an unexpected desire has arisen within me recently... the desire to offer an intensive 1:1 container with a specific focus on feeling, cultivating, and heeding Desire. What do you desire? How might I support you in knowing and living your Desire?
For more details, I invite you to schedule a 45-minute Desire Call with me - we'll spend the first 30 minutes getting really clear on what you desire. That might be all you need!
If you want more and it feels like we're a match, we'll spend the final 15 minute talking in more depth about Living Desire (4 hr-long sessions over five weeks for $1000), determine if it really is a good fit for you, and map out any specific-to-you alterations or additions. <3
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I grew up afraid of burning in Hell. Now I spend my days working with witchy healers who grew up, as I did, in fundamentalist homes (or cultures)
For the past two decades I've specialized in trauma healing, embodiment skills, and supporting healthy boundaries. I'm especially passionate about ancestral healing and supporting those in recovery from a black-white, us-them view of the world. 
I live with my husband and son in beautiful Sandpoint, ID, the traditional lands of the Q’lispe (Kalispel) tribe; my ancestors hail from from France, the Netherlands via Ukraine, Germany, and Switzerland. 
I no longer fear burning in Hell.