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Special Series Announcement: Resilience to Stress
Resilience strategies to thrive in your leadership role.
New data from the Workforce Institute caught my eye and stuck with me:
  • 1 in 5 C-level leaders say they are “often” or “always” burned out at work
  • 70% of managers would take a pay cut for a job that better supports mental health and less stress
  • 69% of an employee's mental health is directly influenced by their manager (same as a spouse and more than a doctor or therapist)
Stay tuned for three special installments of The Leader's 3-2-1 Newsletter on resilience strategies for stress management.
Resilience is a culmination of the mindsets and habits that keep you grounded, gritty and growing. This special series is designed to provide you helpful shifts to manage stress and keep your personal battery in the green
First installment hits inboxes next Thursday, March 30th. If you're receiving this email, you're already signed up!
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Special Series: Resilience to Stress
Part 1 hits inboxes Thursday, March 30th!
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