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What to wear for the family Avurudhu pillow fight 
The day is jam-packed with events and the table is overflowing with those sweet and savoury treats we love this time of year. Anticipating Amma’s kiri bath served with a hint of spicy lunu miris takes you on a trip down memory lane. The sight of a platter piled high with kavum and kokis, shared with your siblings and cousins brings back simpler times. Skipping a good game of tug-of-war or pillow fighting with the family would be a bigger crime than forgetting the salt in your kavum batter, wouldn’t it? After all, where else can you find a competition more intense than the Olympics? And to top it off, the annual contest for the iconic titles of Avurudhu Kumaraya and Kumariya is always a fun time to channel your inner beauty pageant contestant and win the hearts of the toughest of judges, your aunties. 
Rugby Sarongs. Starting at Rs. 9,995.
Better figure out what you’re going to wear!
Apparently this year, Avurudhu's colours aren't limited to just one, but instead multi-colours. It’s the perfect time for you to let your inner fashionista shine. It’s not just about looking good, it’s also about embracing your cultural roots and showing off your style to family and friends. Plus, what a better chance to break out of your comfort zone and experiment with the bright colours, textures and styles that you wouldn’t normally wear. You can add a bright pop of colour to your look with one of our Rugby Sarongs. And if you’re worried about your sarong falling down mid-game, don’t worry. LOVI sarongs are designed to stay securely in place. And the best part? You’ll score major fashion points for looking stylish.
Pre-order now and we will include a free LOVI tote bag, a useful accessory for casual occasions throughout the year.
We wish you all a very happy and prosperous Avurudhu! 


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