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Introducing LOVI's New Collection BELIEVE
Hey LOVI Club lovers,
The moment you’ve been eagerly waiting for… LOVI is ready to dazzle you with a new collection this Saturday, April 1. No, it’s not April fool’s. It’s legitimately happening.
Every morning, you look at yourself in the mirror. You matter. What you do matters. What you do has the power to uplift those around you. At LOVI, our vision is a prosperous future for this country, one Sri Lankan at a time. A Sri Lankan that is capable of inspiring the world. We named our collection BELIEVE based on this vision. Designed to empower Sri Lankans to feel confident and make a positive impact on the world, this collection includes a wide range of styles, including streetwear, casual evening wear and wedding attire.
Are you curious about the collection? Of course you are. We don’t blame you. As a little treat, we’ve included a sneak peek of the fabrics. Go on­­­­––don’t be shy. 
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Where and When
LOVI’s new collection debuts on April 1 at the 20th Anniversary Edition of Colombo Fashion Week. Get your tickets now, throw on your fanciest threads, and prepare to be blown away by our collection at the show. Don’t miss it, seriously.
Can’t make it? Make sure to watch the livestream on the Colombo Fashion Week Youtube on April 1. 

Thank you so much for being a part of everything we do.

speak soon.