No (April) Foolin'!
Hello Friend!
I'm not foolin' when I say that I love to do the binding on my quilts.
I know that's not true for everyone - but for me - it's like putting a pretty ribbon on a beautiful package. I thought you might enjoy my take on how to finish the edges of your quilt - more about that in a minute.
If you are a Metropolitan Patchwork Society Member - there's an opportunity to enter your quilt(s) in the Earth Day Show at the Beaverton City Library (info below).
Also - a few of you were kind enough to let me know that I had the wrong link in the “PS” at the end of the last newsletter (so sorry about that). I've fixed it this time.
Finishing the Edges
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How many different ways are there to finish the edges of your quilt? By my count - there are 4 (although I could be wrong about that). I've taken a look at the 4 options I use and include a step-by-step process for each of them. Read more …
Attention MPS Members
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The Metropolitan Patchwork Society Quilt Show is Back! The Quilt Show will be held at the Beaverton City Library on Earth Day - April 22. 
Do you have a quilt to enter into the show? 
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Event Calendar
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The Quilt, Craft, and Sewing Festival is back at the Expo Center in Portland - Get all the details in the Quiltblox Event Calendar - Read More … 

Thank you so much for joining me in the pursuit of creativity and being my fellow co-creator.
I look forward to seeing what you're working on and sharing what I'm working on with you - until then - all the best to you!
 Deb Messina
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