We're on a mission to raise greater awareness about the persistence of food insecurity in Rhode Island, and are grateful that you have chosen to be part of this journey with us, First name / friend. We hope you will continue to support Plates with Purpose in any capacity you can, and know that…
together, we are making a difference!
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We say it all the time…NOBODY rallies the way Rhode Island does. Last year, we came together and secured just under 400 meals for our neighbors in need.We ask you to rally with us next week to once again show our support for the 100,000+ Rhode Islanders who are not able to meet their basic food needs.
Let's break some records together! 
Friday, March 31 - Sunday, April 3
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**BONUS POINTS if you click “Fundraise” to be a peer fundraiser**

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Say hello to our friends at Amenity Aid and learn a little more about what they do for your Rhode Island neighbors…
When we consider our most basic needs, we may think of food, water, and shelter - but what about a bar of soap? Amenity Aid collects and distributes essential hygiene products to vulnerable populations in Rhode Island, similar to how a food bank collects and distributes food. As the state's first and only Hygiene Hub, our mission is to improve the health and well-being of our neighbors in need. Join us to improve hygiene equity in the Ocean State by visiting our website: amenityaid.org.

 With Purpose & Love,
Jenn & Jen