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Thanks to everyone who responded to last month's newsletter. Many of you asked if I received a response from the ADL, and I did. They alerted the Miami-Dade school district of the offense and thanked us for bringing it to their attention. Proof that you can really make a difference if you take a single step.
So, I'm not sure if you all know what my next book is about, Really about. I may have mentioned here that it's the story of a Rolling Stone reporter, Cecilia James, who's on the hunt to find the inspiration behind a well-known love song. Her journey takes the reader behind the scenes to 1970s Miami Beach, FL where star-crossed lovers Eddie and Sara meet and fall in love. But did you know that the book is inspired by a real life love song (a double Grammy nominee), one I'm sure many of you have heard on the radio dozens of times? I loved the song so much that I decided to set the book around the emotions and lyrics.
And here's the really cool part. I SPOKE TO THE ARTIST THIS PAST WEEK. I think I was more nervous to get on that call than when I met Lyor Cohen and Russell Simmons at my former music industry job. Want to hear the words of wisdom from a friend who talked me off the ledge? “He poops, and sleeps, and eats just like the rest of us.” Ha.
Despite my nervousness, the call went great. Mr. Musician was super supportive of his song being featured in the novel, and we even shared a few laughs. I can't tell you any more, but you'll find out when you read the book, which I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO DO. Annabel Monaghan called it “storytelling perfection…the ultimate love story and a heart-thumping mystery all wrapped up in a Daisy Jones and The Six vibe.” And since we love Annabel and her books, that leads me to this month's giveaway. In addition to March Madness for books (below), I'm giving away three (3) signed copies of Nora Goes Off Script.
How to enter: Can you guess the love song? I know. There are so many out there. Here's another way to enter. Tell me your favorite love song and why. Who does it remind you of? I want all the details! Maybe there's another book in here somewhere. 
Winners will be chosen April 20th, 2023. US ONLY. 
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What I've been reading and loving... 
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Another great month for books! 
Here's my February round-up. I know we're in March, and I'm working on revising my delivery date to get these picks out to you 
in a timely fashion.
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And below you'll find my 
March book picks featured on 
Let me know if you've read any of them!
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