My dear Reader

The Fool, three ways
left to right:
Pamela Colman-Smith, Rider-Waite
Cocorrina, The Divine Feminine Tarot
Beatriz Inglessis, The Way of the Fool
April Fools!
Day? but it's not even April
let alone first Friday of the month
Just how I like my pranks!
on the mild side
saving my ardor for
this seasonally
cyclic fresh start
Spring cleaning, machine learning 
& executive function
not just for 6th graders?
(speaking of pranks)
are in the cards this month
Making space for
new systems to support
strong habits of
optimized learning
yes! we can

How about you, my love?
Belongings slung in a bundle
ready to set out seeking
new growth?
When you settle on a direction
&/or next Project
May your Fool be hardy
and filled with hope!
Yours in earnest,
Kristine xo

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