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You might not be missing a lot, but what you truly need is the RIGHT INFORMATION First name / friend.
The woman you want to be or look up to…who is in tune with their cycle…
She has something you don’t have (just yet, anyway)
& when it comes down to it, that’s the RIGHT information.
We live in a world where you can find ANY and ALL sorts of answers in a quick search on Instagram or even Google - super easy!
But you might find yourself in two categories:
01. You trust the first thing you see
02. You’re overwhelmed by everything you read, and that leaves you stuck
Either option might be the exact thing holding you back from reaching the freedom you crave with nourishing your body as a whole rather than nit-picking and focusing on one thing at a time.
This woman you look up to CAN BE YOU when you implement the RIGHT information CONSISTENTLY.
I might have to be the first to tell you, but most information you see and believe online IGNORES your 28-day cycle.
What if you could do a daily workout that matches your hormone fluctuations?
What if you could eat foods that help regulate your body in each phase?
What if you could truly accept what your body needs each cycle?
Raise your hand if I’m reading word for word your journal yet First name / friend.
You have WAY too many responsibilities to trust and believe the wrong information keeping you farther from your goal. 
No time to wing it and hope for the best. 
You’ve possibly been saving hundreds of hormone/cycle IG posts and not referring back to them, because that’s not how you really TAKE action to get real change. 
You can go from stressed and tired from your past struggles/decisions to the confident and cycle-syncing queen you want to be!
If you’re really serious about:
💐 Finding balance in your wellness
💐 Implementing a personalized and consistent self-care plan
💐 Healing through raw/whole foods 
You have to make one of two choices right now….
Watch the newest Honor Your Cycle students find freedom and peace OR implement the exact information inside for YOURSELF!
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P.S. Hold up saving another IG post you won’t look at again! Get the right information in your hands TODAY to sync your diet, self-care, and exercise with your cycle! [Yes! Take me there!]
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