Break Up With Your Disorder: Self-Care Master Class
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First name / friend, If you are ready to change the way you treat yourself, this Master Class is for you!
It's time to redefine how you see and how you treat yourself.
You are not broken and you don't need to fix yourself to create more peace and more satisfaction in your life.What I have seen in coaching hundreds of women is that Self-Care is left on the back burner because we live in a culture where we do not prioritize our own well-being.
It's not your fault. As women, we have been socialized to put other people's well-being in front of our own.
Also, Trauma plays a big role here. When we get trapped in a Stress Response we are locked in Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn. And when we are locked in this state, we believe we need to MOVE and take action. Self-Care falls to the bottom of the pile.
But if you want to have better mental health, this needs to change.I can help you do this. I am teaching you how during this free workshop
Register now.  See you there.