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Welcome to my weekly (or maybe twice a month, don’t hold me to it...juggling everything is hard!) email where I throw in a dash of realness, a pinch of humor, a smidgeon of internet finds, and a touch of inspiration and tips to brighten your inbox.
The Nosh
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Scent encapsulates a moment in time and is a powerful way to connect to the places we’ve visited and the people with whom we’ve shared special moments. I’ve often used fragrances to bring back memories of a particular moment or place, or as reminder of what home feels like. The soft and inviting scent of Santal can be a wonderful companion to your day. If you are familiar with Le Labo's Santal 133 then you are sure to love this scent Whether it’s in your living room or your office, an essential oil diffuser with a pleasant scent like Santal is sure to create an  
atmosphere conducive to relaxation and productivity. I personally like diffusing a few drops of Santal essential oil when I need to focus and feel inspired. I also love adding Santal drops to wool dryer balls, when I dry my bed linens and towels. Santal has been a go-to for me for years, and I’m sure it can also be your own personal ally in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. If Santal isn't your vibe try another essential oil that can become your signature scent. Whenever you smell it, it is sure to remind you of all the warmth and comfort of home.
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This book will impact you! The red bandana while not hot off the press, it is the perfect story to sink into if you need a little inspiration, a little hope, it truly celebrates the difference one life can make. This is the story of one 9/11 responder, not assigned or asked, not dispatched from a station house 
or dressed in gear, who did the same and never returned. The author poses a question in the book," how will you spend the last day of your life ?" This is the story of how Welles Crowther did and as a result the legacy and love he left behind. You will be moved, you may even cry!
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Big Thief is an Indie/Folk group based in Brooklyn, New York. Adrianne Lenker, the lead singer of Big Thief, forms the kind of closeness with others where she can write a song in someone's name and have it be in every part a song about herself, too. My most played song is Paul, which reads as a song about a 
male lover, but is actually about balancing two sides of her own personality. Lenker's unflagging excavation of the meaning in her own life has given Big Thief's music its raw, vulnerable power. They're currently on tour and will be playing The Hollywood Cemetery in August, don't miss out.
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